Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jon Loevy and Jamie Kalven Want Answers! They Want Lawsuits on Cops! They Want to be Taken Seriously! Hey the Media Listens - Why Don't Taxpayers?

'What's in the Bag? You Know What's in the Bag. We ALL know what's in the bag!'

John Loevy and Jamie Kalven want the Names of Police with 10 or more Citizen Beefs on them~! They Want Names, People! With these names made public, Jon and his pals can craft more and better tax-payer funded lawsuits and stupid and gutless politicians can stand with them for the pay-off! God! 662 - or as Derrick Blakely would say -'closer to 700.'

Wait a minute - Hickey - these people are trying to fight abuse! Yeah. Like those selfless ambulance chasers in L.A. who walked away with 40% of 600 -'closer to 700' Million Dollars. Punish bad guys - but do not allow weasels to watch the egg basket. The media gets dewy-eyed and misty around stand-up guys like Loevy and Kalven - who make out handsomely in their cottage industry on lawsuits and 'redistribution of wealth - over the tax-payers' strategies. Beats working for a living, I guess. Sue your way to wealth! Oh , well. I'm just mean.

Here's some TV and print links to just indicate how seriously the orchestrated outrage of the media, criminals, ambulance chasers, race baiters, shakedown artists, university think tankers, hack politicians that can not get elected, phonies and fans of face value, prima facie evidence is meant to be taken. ( Howls of Giggles from this taxpayer-citizen, mind you). These Hustle Howlers are so pipelined to the Chicago Media, it almost seems like a criminal enterprize - RICO? n'cest pas? Chilling. Just a taxpayer musing! Here goes our trusty newsmakers! Always good for serious race polarization: They would have done great work in the Balkans.,1,3328562.story?coll=chi-news-hed The good Old Medill Swill you can get a great judgmental spin on how bad police are from two Mensa members on CLTV. Listen to their remarks. Rather antiseptic - Chuck Goudie; nice work on Officer Mette's kangaro court in Dubuque. The Loevy-smiths would love that judge out there.

And I got nothing from Channel 5.

BTW - That's Andy Dick up there - an actor, wit and gad-about with same level of conviction and dedication to self-respect as John '40%' Loevy. Wait for the movie - it'll be killer - killer I tells ya!

The real heavy lifting for Jon and the 21st Century Gold-Dusters is being done by The Friend of Working Man- the NEW Chicago Sun Times!

Get Law Dogs Without Due Process- Sun Times Takes The Gold Again!

"The names are the essence of it -- this feels a little bit like a desperate stunt on the part of the city with the vote of the City Council fast approaching," activist Jamie Kalven said.
( 'Take That, Wild Bills!')
From Today's The Working Man's Friend: 7/18/07
Leaving no stone unturned - or page uninked - The new Working Man's Pal - The Chicago Sun Times returns to its roots ? Never Mind.
Jon Loevy and all the other ambulance chasers who work out of a network web that includes criminals, University Think Tanks, Progressive Pols on the Shorts, Loud Mouthed Activists, Race Baiters, and other Working People ( the New Sun Times definition) should get to draw down on the Law Dogs. 662 by the Working Man's Pal report yesterday.,CST-NWS-police18.article
This media bouquet is intended to allow Gold Creek Prospector Jon Loevy and G(old) Flint Taylor and other Lefty Lawyers allied with the Real Working Class ( the above listened to citizens - They're easily chilled- BTW) to shoot 21st Century Wild Bill's with Rat Writs!
By all accounts, Chicago Police Officers can get a Citizen Complaint while they are off-duty , on vacation, hopitalized or otherwise engaged. But the Worker's Pal - The New Chicago Sun Times never mentions this; for that information, one must go to another source - a real working man's ( sorry, that's person's) blogsite:
"So evidently, there is no longer any difference between sustained, not sustained, unfounded or exonerated anymore. The mere fact that a complaint was filed means you are guilty guilty guilty. What the hell? How are we supposed to be disciplined "meaningfully" if the complaint was without merit in the first place?As we've stated before, a civilian's criminal history cannot be brought into play except for purposes of (A) setting bail or (B) sentencing following conviction. Any other mention is overly prejudicial to the legal process. This lawsuit to produce the list of accused officers without taking into consideration the lack of appropriate standing of the complaint is asinine at best. We don't even want to think about what it is at the worst."
Please, do, read more here. Talk about a public execution of public servants!
The New Chicago Sun Times is here to protect those who have made a career of crime - Ambulance Chasers; Beef Barristers; Back Shooters. They gave it the full-court press, because they are the Full Court Press and their pals will press it in court until the gold is squeezed from the Public! How Progressive!
The New Chicago Sun Times is ALL over it! The trouble is working people like me are not buying it.
Hey, all of us who go to work every day but would not be considered working class folks by the Friend of the Working Man ( CST), let's get a Ghoul Pool started on when the Workers Daily - The New Chicago Sun Times strikes its colors - the Jolly Roger. Chilling!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gold For Thems That Sue Police! The Working Man's Paper Sets Things Right for Working Ambulance Chasers

The Working Man's Paper Helps These Prospectors Find Gold in Lawsuits Against Cops

Working Men and Women - Wait for The Redistribution of Wealth - Wait a Minute - Oh, Yeah you will be Taxed More and Real Working People - Police Officers Get More Abuse! It makes sense to the Working Man's Paper - The Chicago Sun Times.

This is only privy link to the web edition - The Print Edition shows where the Gold waits for a tuck into the purses of Ambulance chasers.,CST-NWS-police17.article

You see WE ( The majority of dopes who go to work and such - cops, firemen, police, streets and sanitation, tradesmen, school teachers & etc.) are NOT working people - we are PLUTOCRATS - bad guys.

Here's the Working Man! He's part of a network of lawsuit slingers, University Think Tankers and Lefty Journalists, as well as Progressive Hack politicians who can not get elected. Working People!

Like Lawsuit-Smith Loevy:

Police Officers who get beefs ( 10 Civilian Complaints or More) would be subject to having MORE cockroach lawyers climbing through their undies in search of Lawsuit Gold! We ( The Working Dopes) are suppossed to get behind this? Make Jon Loevy's work a tad easier? Mr. 40%?

The working man -folks like Jon Loevy - who wades into the creek's chilling ( I love that Lefty Verbal) waters every day panning for gold, coughed up in lawsuits against the City and other Governmental agencies ripe and thick with tax-payer Gold - has a friend in the Working Man's Friend - The Chicago Sun Times: Edgey! Confrontational! Lefty! The New Chicago Sun Times ( tarred and looted by Lord Black) shows this metaphorical gold to one and all on the cover of today's paper - in the form of a Chicago Police Officer's Badge and braid - obviously a General - maybe our next Superintendent. Is this warning to one and all that the next Superintendent MUST needs be a compliant noodle-spine for our Working Man's Friend and its Pals.

The gold sits deep in the governmental creek and must be extracted or panned wherever a working man, like Jon Loevy and fellow prospector G.(gold) Flint Taylor, can roil up enough rippled waters in the Publicly Funded Creek with charges and allegations of Police Abuse. Allege - get a suit!

Now, Son, work on That volume - let's see! - 662 times millions of Tax payer salted dollars; subtract commonsense ( Buck or two here and there 'Can't take it all - YET) and deduct a sweet 40% - Yeow! That's Gold, Son!

Working with a journalist, like University of Chicago incubated Jamie Kalven, and having a solid print pal in the 'The Working Man's Friend: The Chicago Sun Times editorial board beating out this endless theme every day of the week, Working Man Jon Loevy can grab the gold with much less effort.

662 Potential Police Prospects for Panning according to the The Working Man's Friend! 'GIMME, GIMME, GIMME! Old Oily Jon no longer might need to hoist up the hip boots and wade in the troubled waters. Them thar nuggets will fly right into his britches! Praise Jesus! A Paper like the Working Man's Friend also wants to scare the gutless and the stupid among our elected officials to 'Do Something to Help Jon!' It's Chilling in Them Thar Cricks!

All the rest of us plutocrats, who pay all the taxes, obey all the laws, drive with insurance, bed-down by 11PM after scaring the kids into the house for ''night-night," and get up at 5AM to work back hoes, ride on Sanitation Trucks, Fire Trucks, Deliver Mail, Drive Buses, Teach School, Manage Businesses and Work the Trades and Serve and Protect the Very People Suing Police Officers, should tremble before the righteous Working Man. Jon Loevy and other ambulance chasers are having the work done for them by the Friend of the Working Man -The Chicago Sun Times!

Monday, July 16, 2007

James J. Shields - American Hero

My friend Dr. J. Sean Callan has created an introductory video to his biography of James J. Shields - American hero. Dr. Callan wrote a wonderful biography of the three time U.S. Senator, hero of the Mexican War and the only Union general to defeat Stonewall Jackson. Some politicians in Illinois tried to obliterate the memory of the man who saved Illinois from bankruptcy, challenged Lincoln to a duel and made peace with the Sioux.
Save our History! This is an American life that too many entrusted with our history choose to ignore.

Give this link a click and watch Dr. Sean Callan's presentation of an American hero.

Then get his book:
Great work Dr. Callan!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back Off, Cop! Judge Ackley Defends Drunk Bullies; Jails Police Officer


The Chicago Tribune's John Kass, hits it out into the tall Iowa corn in Sunday's report of an assault on pure reason. An Iowa Judge, Monica Ackley, sentenced a Chicago Police Officer to five years in prison for striking a rich, violent, booze bully. Kass does a great follow-up ON THE DRUNKEN CLOWN whose Daddy's dough weighed in on the scales at Ackley's Dubuque Silo & Hometown Grain Elevator & Justice Mill - Hey it tips to the locals. Damn FIPS!

This idiot's ruling reads like G. Flint Taylor boiler-plated the pettifoggery for the robed nit-wit herself.

Read Kass:

Then read the spin given by the 'working-class' paper: Oh, that's right; they are worried about Conrad Black. Never mind - they had a little something in the print edition that did not translate to the web - it talked about the string of violent cop stories, doncha know - Sneedless to say! Maybe it will be squealed about in Mary Mitchell's column - 'It's a slap in the face! I can't help but think that had the judge not realized that nothing in this had anything to do about Race that more black children would be on life -support! Why did this white Cop not get the Death Penalty? We all know why! That's right We All Know Why! That's enough truth for one column!'

Channel 7 (ABC) Chuck Goudie ran this disturbing story pretty well - Nice solid 'working class' detail Chuck! Working class! You at least respect the fact that Police Officers are working class heroes.

Let's all Cop an attitude on this one!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amy's Self-Inflicted Ambush Is No "Front Page!"

Classic Chicago Myth Making requires a willing suspension of the facts, or the originally intended details, from what is desired. Exemplum Gratia - 'The Chicago Sun Times is returning to its 'working class' roots:' for clarification of this - the latest mythopoeic effort by the 'dead-man floating' Chicago paper,: please read Illinois Review's brilliant Mark Rhoads' commentary below

The Amy Jacobson Saga continues to dominate news - even though The Sun Times has had a story about a bar that out-Hooters Hooters: bikini clad drink slingers. We got a bikini clad reporter doing the Ben Hecht Revisited:

The Front Page was bowdlerized into His Girl Friday and Amy ain't no Roz Russell, mind you.

Once again, in order to wade through the lilly-pads of this Salacious Slough of Chicago Media Madness, read Phil Rosenthal: With Neil Steinberg on vacation, thank God for Phil Rosenthal's brilliant mind and honest soul. Kass should start hanging around with this Chicago gentleman and journalism gem. Another definitive prose piece by The Chicago Tribune's Phil Rosenthal - keep us honest with ourselves Phil!

I got more links on this than a Mike Houlihan Breakfast Platter at the Magic on 111th Street!
( n.b. the same morons riding the Chicago Sun Times over the cliff thought that Humorist Mike Houlihan was TOOOOO Chicago for Chicago)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pope Pisses Off Progressives!

Here's the Only Pope that would get a pass from SCAM, Kathleen Falsani - the Sun Times Swami, and all of the hip and happening!
Pope Bono I
Semper Hip, Semper Happenin'

Sock Puppet - So-Called Austin Mayor: SCAM, a bell-weather of the hip and the happening, jumped all over Pope Benedict XVI's recent statement. 'Chilling' it was - no doubt - they are thin blooded little creatures, the Progressives. It's theology, boy and girls -all that extra ecclesiam nulla sallus est stuff- bores me rigid, I tells ya! Not so the SCAM! Sock Puppet gets it on! Roll over, Nast!
It is Fun, Easy, Hip and Happening to Make fun of Catholics and as American and Progressive as Santa Claus! His inventor hated Catholics Big Time! Old Tommy Nast went Old Testament on Catholics!

Sock Puppet SCAM,who sniffs about feelings and worries about other people's thoughts, jumped all over this one! Kind of like Mike Tyson kicking ass in the cancer unit of Childrens Memorial Hospital! Kick that Sick Punk! Yeah! SCAM IS ON!

Here's my comment to SCAM on his site:

SCAM,You old sock puppet!

Fordham University is my favorite Catholic school because of what it means to the fashionable atheist and Progressive critics of my Faith.FU!The same gobshites who get all pissy about the poor Al Queda slobs in Gitmo flash this BS all the time.Evangelicals are too devout and sincere in their simple Christianity to develop a school like Fordham.We Catholics respect those devotions and sincere principles, but do not mind ducking out for a Lucky Strike after the Gospel and sneak in line for the Communion.As to the clowns who have dismissed Catholics as well as pious Christians and our co-religionist of the Old Testament the Jews - how about an Ecumenical shoutout of F(ordham) U(niversity)!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

McCain Tree County

A tree loving pal sent me this species of rare American timber that withstands all manner of abuse, set backs, storms and Way Right Republican hissy fits:

The McCain Tree

Today I got me a note from the candidate for the Office of President of the United States - the one candidate who can win America's war on Islamist Terror - Senator John McCain. The Senator talked about the resignation of his Campaign Advisers - singularly gracious and all. But the payoff was at the end.

Here are some notes from the end of his letter:

"Now is not the time to be timid or to shy away from our challenges - now is the time to stand up and say what we believe. I'm fighting to make our nation stronger, our government more effective and our world a safer place - and I hope you will continue to join me in this important journey.
Together, I have every confidence that we will be successful and I am honored by your continued support and friendship. "

Senator John McCain

He's short on dough but long on courage and political honesty. He is as deeply rooted as the fine and homely American wood above. John McCain is staying!

Friday, July 06, 2007

End of Watch: Fahey and O'Brien

One thing I know for certain - that is that Officer William Fahey and Officer Richard O'Brien were murdered. Their killers murdered and urinated on them. Some people with advanced degrees, City pensions, trust funds and ant-like hearts continue to do the same on their memories.
Retired Alderman Dick Simpson shills for the Coalition for Police Accountability - the usual suspects: G. Flint Taylor's PLO; MacArthur Center for Justice; Northwestern Law and Univesity of Chicago Law Schools and Dick's own University of Illinois at Chicago- home to Weatherman Bomb Builder and Trust Fund Marxist Billy Ayers - he ain't no Scooter Libby.

This smartly orchestrated Opera Buffa has been playing Chicago longer than the old Admiral Theatre showed dirty movies. It is a cottage industry!

Dick opens with an homage to Independence Day - called by the balance of Americans the Fourth of July - and a homey appeal to the Police Torture scab, picked at by the Tweedy and the Greedy every two weeks in the Chicago Media, due to the synergy created by the political slugs who can not get elected, the radical Leftist funded University appendages; and the pipelined Chicago media. There follows the same old familar G. Flint drum beat of 'why these clowns ( G. Flint et al) can not get a conviction' and, like every Leftist, demands that gutless government do 'something!' Flint is always cheated - hoodwinked and bamboozled by the Pig Establishment!
Oh My God! It was in the Chicago Reader! How can I say that?
Well, I have about as much evidence as G. Flint Taylor, but I have no ax to grind. I believe that these lawyers and activists expected every human being to roll over on their say-so and that has not happened. Flint thought that Judges Boyle and Egan were just the Cat's Meow - until they made a report that did not agree with Flint's cookie cutter evidence handily fabricated by Ward Churchill and the kids at the University of Chicago on Thursday nights and regurgiated upon command in the Chicago Reader. Keep on, Keeping On! Dig it! - to quote Northwestern's radical payroller and Billy Ayers' Old Lady - Bernadine Dohrn. Heck, let's get the whole coalition in this space. After all - they could pack a phone booth with genuine supporters!
I'll just use this cyber-opportunity to devote an end of watch for the two Chicago Police Officers murdered by the the alleged victims of the Leftist Straw Dogs - funny that no courts are in volved - County, State or Federal.

Ironically, Dick Simpson and the Coalition do more for the murdered officers' memory - these coalition harpies remind all of us every two weeks or so just how wonderful this Country and its Constitution remains - they excerise their right to free speech with news print and bullhorns.

They are given a plush forum on which to call down the Leftist gods of judgement on the very pillars of Justice that they seek to topple. Hit the gym, boys and girls, it is going on thirty years now.

Dick and Flint and Locke and all the Tweedy and Greedy will be back. In the mean time,read these wonderful end of watch tributes from the Officer Down Memorial Page and then try and get moist in the eye over Dick's pals.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Template for a Leader: John McCain's Answers to The Daily News

On Sunday the Daily News issued its questions to the candidate: John McCain.

Give this a read and witness the Template for an American President. Senator McCain speaks from his heart to the global nature of America's War with Islamist Terrorism. No squirmy sound bytes or spin. This is the straight talk of a leader.

America needs a Leader. Here's a passage that I found particularly compelling:

"Our standing in the world is a strategic asset and will be increased by working more closely with the world's democracies. We Americans must be willing to listen carefully to the views of our democratic allies. Like all other nations, we reserve the sovereign right to defend our vital national security when and how we deem necessary. But our great power does not mean we can do whatever we want whenever we want, nor should we assume we have all the wisdom, knowledge and resources necessary to succeed. When we believe international action is necessary, whether military, economic, or diplomatic, we must work to persuade our democratic friends and allies that we are right. But in return, we must be willing to be persuaded by them. To be a good leader, America must be a good ally."

Read the entire response of Senator John McCain. He speaks like a leader, because he is just that - he does not play one on television, or when the teleprompter whizzes, or by catching the eye of his handler.

May God watch over all of you and hold each and everyone in the cup of His warm hands this Fourth of July, 2007.
Note Well, Please:
Pray for the soul of eleven year old Nathan Dombrowski who died last night in an accident in our neighborhood in Chicago. The poor little guy was playing with his pals. Pray for his family and act with kindness to our own.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

War on Islamist Terror Requires President John McCain

It is time to elect a President who can fight a War on Islamist terror. It is time to work for John McCain. Senator McCain will be in Iraq with our troops during this year's July 4th Celebrations. The candidates of the other Parties will be Poll dogging. It is time to get smart on this long and mismanaged war.

In Chicago to raise funds for his run for the Office of the President of United States, the only candidate capable of fighting the War on Islamist Terror, Senator John McCain spoke with ABC- & Chicago.

Immigration Reform, Health Care, the Economy, Education, Homeland Security, the Environment and Social Security are all linked to America's War Against Islamist Terror. John McCain is the only candidate in any Party who can lead America in this War. This is the National Priority and John McCain is the only candidate who can unite and lead an America determined to fight this war.

To paraphrase the best political mind and soul in the Democratic Party, James Carville, 'It's the War Stupid.' Too many of America's best women and men going back there for the second, thrird and fourth times. Let's get smart. Let's get with John McCain.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Barack got Based! Hilary is the Black Candidate! Mary Mitchell Opined!

'Hey, Keep Your Opinion to Yourselves! Get Back Honky Cats!''

Long before Senator Obama made his stirring and thoughtful announcement to seek the Presidency of the United States of America, the Clinton Carryover Campaign were hard at work getting ready to pull the rug from under the Freshman Senator from Illinois.

Last night's Democratic Debate, the site of Obama's Howard University "Quiet Riot" speech last month, might be just the pry bar to extract Obama from that podium.

More than Tony Resko's Dough Paving of Illinois Political Driveways, the Race Matters One Note Samba Card of the Progressive Trick Deck may be flipped and soon. Race Matters; Best Believe that! Yes, Sir Senator! Even you get a plateful! My opinion is diminished in this Matters Issue - read about that fact in Mary Mitchell's column of yesterday ( June 28, 2007).

Here are Chicago Sun Times columnist Mary Mitchell's recent thoughts on race relations and the propriety of a white man offering such an opinion - She and her colleague disagreed over racial perceptions of what takles place when wife killers are cuffed - One black and one white:
"I'm comforted by the fact that a lot of black people knew where I was coming from. And since white people haven't walked a step in our shoes, they don't get to tell us what our views on race ought to be, anyway.
Few blacks and whites agree on this subject. And frankly, quiet as kept, most black people couldn't care less about what white people have to say when it comes to race. "
( italics my own)

It would seem that had Ms. Mitchell cared less about what Mr. Steinberg had 'to say when it comes to race' that her column would have had a very different spin on her race bias themed column - Steinberg Opinion Free, as it were.
Naw. Mary Mitchell has a single theme.

It seems obvious to Mary 'No One Walks in My Shoes' Mitchell - which would seem to limit the impact of her opinion to the singularly angry ink-slinger herself ( Oh, well!)- that Obama is not nearly as appealing to the Mitchell's Black Base as Hilary 'Let's Get To Marching' Clinton. Mary could care less what I think. Here's why: in Mitchell logic, if you have not had cancer, keep your thoughts about the disease to yourself.;unless, you are Neil Armstrong, stay off the moon; And, all of you Non-Popes out there - keep your Parouisa and Eschatological spins on Marian Doctrine off the tablet. You feeling me?

Personal (albeit White Guy's Opinion) Aside: I work at Leo High School - 100% black young men; Catholic League; 93% in college upon graduation including Mario Bullock U.S. Military Academy at West Point Class of 2008; Alma Mater of the next Heavyweight Boxing Champion Thomas Hayes & etc.:
Deeds not Words is our school's motto. Neil Steinberg has done alot for the black kids at Leo High School - ask Leo senior and Boxer Curtis Banks.
Hilary never gave them a thought. Race Matters? Naw, Good people do.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

You are Invited to Keegan's Pub for My Book Signing and These Two Are Not!

'Look Sweetheart, we're banned and I guess that's the end of it with these people - I know you want to go back in there, but you are with me and with me you will stay . . . Right? Look you go to that clown's book signing at Keegan's Pub after I've been turned away and . . . Now, this elephant wants to crowd us off the curb - this day just gets better and better!'

'Hickey's kids do not like you - now, when I put you down . . . take it on the arches . . . and do not try to get back in, Andy - I gotta say Mass at 5:30 today!'

As of this morning, with one week to go, folks were getting ready for June 30th's Pat Hickey Book Signing at Keegan's Pub! The two clowns above are not invited due to the intrinsically flawed natures both males deport in commerse with their sisters and brothers of human species.

All the rest of us can be assured of cold beverages, spicy Italian deli cuts from Calabria Imports here in Beverly, tingling conversation and the warmth of good fellowship. The Book Signing starts at 2PM, but Bernard Callaghan opens the doors wide open at Noon on Saturdays. We will have books for sale and free gifts to dole out to all who attend.

The Chorito Hog Leg, Book One: A Novel of Guam in Time of War by Pat Hickey will be sold by the Beautiful Allison Platt, owner and proprietor of The Bookies Paperbacks and More.

Keegan's Pub
10618 South Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60643
(773) 233-6829

The Bookies Paperbacks and More
2419 W 103rd St
Chicago, IL
(773) 239-1110

See you all on June 30th! Pay no attention to the two mopes on the outside; they would do as much for you!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Why I am For John McCain

Imagine a good guy leading this country!

I have donated to John McCain's campaign and I will continue to do so. I believe that he is the only person of either Party ( Mike, Bull Moose ,Bloomberg and ,soon, Ralph Nader - the ubiquitous Presidential cold sore that no dose of L Lysine can arrest - included ) with the character and common sense to lead America.

The War on Terror is a now a smoking cauldron of misplaced talent and shifting loyalties under President Bush. He got in a fight he can't finish and had the wrong guys holding his coat. John McCain knows how and why to fight; but, it is on immigration reform that John McCain explains what it takes to lead and in the language of the heart of one of our neighbors.

Unlike the shrill parrots of Fox News anchors or bow-tied Preppy Anchors, this public servant takes a cold look at our problems with a warm heart. He speaks staright and offers no 'bumber sticker' rhetoric or snake-oil buzz button ideas like Newt Gingrich's recent:

'Out source it to Fed-EX! Visa and Mastercard - Priceless!' Newt back to work on the novels about Old Dixie, Son.

Here is what the 'cutting the lawn next door to you guy' thinks - the guy who went to Vietnam, Desert Storm, and now raises his kids like a Man and Citizen:

This is John McCain on Immigration reform without the Spin:

"This problem cannot be allowed to continue any longer. Finding an effective, just and practical solution is difficult, but it is our work to do, on our watch. The politics of Washington have encouraged us to leave solutions to the toughest problems for another unluckier generation of leaders. Problems are left unsolved year after year, because we fear the political consequences of seriously addressing them or value their utility as political attacks in our campaigns. Illegal immigration and our porous borders are problems that we have, to our shame, ignored for too long because it was too hard and politically risky to solve. But the problem has grown too acute and dangerous to ignore any longer. To do nothing now would be an unconscionable abrogation of our responsibilities to defend the security, prosperity and values of our country.

There is simply no practical way to do that, and most Americans understand that. We have proposed a way to encourage them to come out from the underground economy, submit to a criminal background check, pay fines, back taxes and prove they are gainfully employed in exchange for a visa that would allow them to continue working here. Getting these people to declare themselves and prove they have come here for a job, pose no security threat and have no criminal record beyond entering the country illegally will enable our security and law enforcement officials to concentrate their resources on those who have come here to threaten our way of life rather than embrace it. DHS Secretary Chertoff, who helped negotiate this legislation, has warned that two million people in this country illegally have committed serious crimes. If some of them attempt to legalize their status, we will apprehend them. If they don't, we can concentrate our efforts on locating them and not rounding up lettuce pickers, hotel maids, and babysitters. Most importantly, we can devote all the resources necessary to finding terrorists who have broken our immigration laws, like three of the terrorists who intended to attack our soldiers at Ft. Dix. "

Senator McCain does not go in for the 'those are not people; they are a horde' logic of the mean spirited loser at the end of the bar and the last of his dollars ordering his 15th Bud Light of the afternoon. John McCain is a person who lost his home for quite a while and had only memories of what is best about his native land - McCain was a Prisoner of War and tortured repeatedly, abused, and demonized by people who did not want him in their country.

"I missed all of it, very much, but I still carried her ideals in the habits of my heart. And because they were all I possessed of my country, I cherished them all the more. I cherished the honor of being a citizen of a country that was the last, best hope of mankind, the great refuge of those who sought escape from despair and tyranny on crowded, miserable steamers into New York harbor, on small rafts across the Florida Straits, and on foot across the punishing deserts of the southwest. I know why people want to come here. I once thought I would rather die than be denied my country for one more day. "

McCain lays down rules for those who want in - welcome to our home and behave accordingly.

Later, I will relate some of John McCain's 'effective, just and practical' means of making immigration reform a task Americans can complete. McCain'll do the heavy lifting- the leading. I'll bet that he might even get that poor mope at the end of bar in the neighborhood tavern to Man-Up for this work!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nader's Raiders Want to Phone it In Again!

With Mike Bloomberg hitting the silk on GOP; Fred Thompson on hiatus from Law & Order; Hilary channeling the Sopranos and Beltane upon us all can Ralph Nader - the reason why God made Prepartion H in the first place - be far behind?

Some prescience from Blogspace.

Always nice to see that a gold-plated jerk gets some more face-time with our thoughtful media. Only Tyler Perry seems to get this much attention with about that much talent.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Chicago Tribune Reports on Guam Strategic Build-up

Chicago Tribune reporter Kirtsen Scharnberg presented a great three page report on the beginnings of a new surge in American military presence on the American island of Guam.

In the weeks to come more will be in the news concerning the People of Guam, the Chamorros, who have remained loyal to a America, even though most of their fellow Americans give them little or no thought whatsovever.

The Heritage Foundation cavalierly dismissed the Guam Loyalty Recognition Act as a reparations scam and the blogoshere responded in kind - without one bit of thought to the people behind the need for such an Act. Americans ignore Guam - until a time of war.

Guam is America's most vital stategic base in the Pacific and this build-up only points to that fact. Kudos to the Chicago Tribune's Kirsten Scharnberg for putting this important story out front and with the depth it deserves. The People of Guam deserve much more.

Here is an excerpt from a great column which appears in tomorrow's Marianas Variety. It is from a 1945 memo by the Commander of the Marianas: 'great attitude' this guy - actually it is not far from that of the Heritage Foundation's point of view:

“The characteristics and nature of the majority of inhabitants on these islands are such that the artificial or forced raising of their standard of living to one approaching that of the United States would be detrimental to their best interest and would contribute little to the safety and welfare of the United States,” Murray said.

Read the whole article:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

What Others Might Think of U.S. (A.)

I am proud to be an American. We are a welcoming, fair and generous people - and then we get involved in politics. Not politics per say - but politics behind the politics. We are a spectator society at times and government gets mistaken for politics, much in the same way as Talk Sports Radio is akin to athletics.

The hot button topic for the next sixty seconds is immigration reform. John McCain and others have been taken to task for leadership on immigration reform. Lots of opinions and lots of spleen to go with those opinions.

I happen to like John McCain's leadership on this issue.

Politics demands that some of the candidates for President be eaten by the other candidates. Forces behind the Conservatives get chewed up by the True Conservatives who in turn are devoured by the 100% No $hit Conservatives, in order to fatten up the Hannibal Lector Libertarian Conservatives just prior to the final Primary Count-down Feast. The same thing is happening in the Liberal or Democratic Old Country Buffet on Saw-Horse Tables in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Immigration Reform is the ugliest blood sport, at the moment. Fences and borders and tons of Hey What About ALL those . . . stories are bandied about as 40 Watt intellects mimick their favorite Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, or Barry Manilow keening - I just threw in Barry for giggle. My thoughts are these:

  • Come to America and Welcome!
  • Bring Your Work Ethic
  • Leave your old Allegiances in the Old Country
  • Adopt American Values
  • Behave Accordingly

When there is a family feud, remember that there are neighbors and that those neighbors get their impressions of what we think of them and ourselves. Let's try to put on a nice view for our neighbors.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Land of Endless Hours, Suicides, Goofy Films and Congestion Taxes Has Something for Chicago

Every Time a Progressive opens his mouth, it costs a lung!

Giving 40 Watt thinkers like Joe Moore an idea is like giving a blow-torch to a pyro-manical pre-teen under-achiever for his stroll through the aisles of Krazy Kaplan's Fireworks Emporium.
'Have a good Time Joey, your Mom and I will be back from Saugatuck in a few hours; now mind that torch, Son! He's going Places, Candy, I just Know it! Do they still sell fois gras in Michigan, Babe?'

Ed Burke offered a suggestion to engage the thought of a 'congestion tax' to help ease the traffic flow into Chicago.
Because London, a city with eight times the population of Chicago, cool taxis and Cops with checker-board hats, has one, The City Of Big Shoulder Pads needs one. Swedes are Hip! Let's get Sick!
This dandy idea one also got lift-off in Stockholm - very similar to Chicago - like looking in a mirror, almost.
As the Progressives say, 'It's Chilling!'
Chilled Glug!

WTTW - the Window to Tony Winnetka - Channel 11 jumped all over the idea with traffic expert from Northwestern University Engineering guy Joe Shofer thinks that it's a grand idea. I have a feeling that Joe might not drive into the City, unlike builders who need to get down to the Permits lines at City Hall; the folks paying the incomprehensible alley easement fees at Dave Orr's 'the fee changes as the clock ticks' emporium, the thousands of Cook County Court patrons who need to park - pay a lung and get to court on time, as well as the hundreds of thousands of south and southwest siders who need to pop intothe Loop.
BTW - Sweden and London had built up Public Transit Systems before the 'Congestion Tax' went into effect - Ed Burke felt that this tax could help FIX THE CTA! Joe Moore will be all over this one!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Support the Guam Loyalty Act - About Time!

Americans on Guam put their lives together following two and half - years of Japanese Occupation and a horrific battle for the Liberation from July 21 -August 10, 1944 - the last Japanese occupier surrended in 1972. It has taken Americans much longer to recognize the Loyalty and Patriotism of the People of Guam.

Back in May, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the HR 1595 - The Guam Loyalty Recognition Act. Prior to that vote which takes the Bill to the U.S. Senate, The Heritage Foundation harrumphed that this Act was a merely a reparations scam. Here is my reply to Ed Feulner of the Heritage Foundation which appeared in the Washington Times:

More to the point:
This long over due legislation would be welcomed as a great honor to the men you as a great honor to the men listed on the Asan war Memorial above the 1944 landing beaches - the Americans who died and were wounded Liberating Guam. Believe it - their sacrifices are the very fabric of Guam's culture.

Guam was caught in the switches between MacArthur's Consular ambitions over Post-War Japan and the realities of the Cold War.

The People of Guam are the most loyal and pro-miltary Americans; always faithful and always willing to sacrifice their lives for our country - without hesitation. That is our problem - we mainland Americans -that the hesiation has been to recognize Guam's loyalty.

Whoever decided to policy these folks into reparations lotto ticket scammers should do much more study of Guam's history and commitment. The reparations broadbrush was unworthy of what is best about America - our abilty to recognize and give tribute to patriotism. Guam is long over due such a small nod from all Americans.

To date this tiny island of America is in double figures for KIA in the War on Terror and in Vietnam lead the nation in per capita loss of life (74 KIA on the Wall). Guam stands in the sights of North Korean nuclear missles and is pro-active in helping fight terroism out of the P.I.s. At this moment the Americans of Guam are making room for 8,000 more Marines evicted from Okinawa as well as the island's expansion as America's most forward and strategic base in the Pacific Rim.

These Americans are owed more than bumper sticker rhetoric and history. We are better than this.
Here is a link to the Bill before the U.S. Senate:

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chump Change from Us Chumps

Here's embattled Chicago State University President in happier times with former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert in a happier time - chatting the golden merits of 'chump change,' or 'chumps' change?' I gave the President plural times, because they are still rolling! Denny Hastert's is parenthetical.

The story in today's Chicago Tribune concerns the strange fiscal and fiduciary concerns of a tax-payer funded and salaried university President, Elnora Daniel.
Ms. Daniel is under fire for an audit of expenditures in her office - cruises and dinners and what not.

Daniel's biography speaks of her love of cold soup, cruises and travel:

The story in the Tribune fleshes out some of the finer points, particularly Madame President's opinion of the source of the 'chump change' $ 75,000 taked on to her annual compensation and her stewardship of this State financed university.

Cold soup and cruises - now, how would the Miller High Life man feel about President Daniel? Would he statrt yanking her metaphorical 'Champagne of Bottled Beers from her shelves? I mean, what the heck -Miller Brewing gave her a plaque according to the posted biography excerpt. That change don't add up to this chump.,1,1252174.story?coll=chi-newsroom-hed

Friday, June 08, 2007

John McCain Will Be The Last Man Standing - So Will Hillary.

Due to the stalled Immigration Legislation in the Senate: Harry Reid back-burnered it 15 votes shy of whatis needed, John McCain will be carved up by extreme right wing conservatives who want to stall for time for one of the other debutants to shore up a position. Hillary Clinton gets to stay above the Immigration Debate and Obama will be spinning his 'Quiet Riot' remarks into his exit in a few weeks.

In the mean time, McCain will be fighting a holding action against the tin-foil- hat crowd Progressives who have 'mobilized' the rhetoric clouding the importance of immigration reform.
The next few weeks will see John McCain maintaining the common sense line in this fight. The weak sisters in his Campaign are jumping ship for a cushier berth on other campaigns.
That is good. Stay tuned boys and girls - the Man who stood up to the Hanoi Hilton is well-prepped to withstand the pince-nez patriots who wrote for the Dartmouth Daily Denouncer and then got patriotic in Reagan's Administration. They bleed blue-blood - rhetorical hemoglobin mind you.
John McCain is a Leader.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

D-Day Yesterday; Paris Liberated Today!

With Bear Shaun Gayle asking for his 'all in' back in the Sun Times; twenty four hours after D-Day Kind of Mentioned; Americans Can celebrate the Liberation of Paris!

The First National Skank is Out of the Joint! Shaun, Keep Hope Alive!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Quiet Riot? Obama's Malaise?

Senator Obama's 'Quiet Riot' remarks will get a close reading from pundits, pollsters, politicians and people - people who vote. I believe that Barack Obama is one of the mosts exciting and talented persons in public life. I also believe that since his elevator ride to the observation deck of the life political, he has been hand-cuffed to Progressive strategists who could not win an election three- hundred yards west of Lake Michigan. Last night seemed to bring that out.

The Quiet Riot in Hampton will mark Obama's political biography in the same way as Jimmy Carter's American Malaise - too bad. Leaders challenge people. Comtemplating the National Navel, page one of the Progressive Playbook - ' Sure Fire Methods for Shooing Away Votes,' is not the hallmark of Leadership. What happened to the Audacity of Hope? Putting bandaids on cancer? Nurses trained to teach Parenting? Or Riots?

Senator, this might be the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. That is too bad. You played a bad hand last night - All In! Drawing dead now.

You'll be back! Make sure that you put some miles between your talents and instincts and paid losers who have an enviable record of Malaise.

John McCain is the only leader, the only candidate doing someting about illegal immigrantion, the only real Warrior, and the only candidate challenging America's best abilities. That is what a President needs to do.

Here is an excerpt from Senator John McCain's address to the Hoover Institute:

. . .Our moral standing in the world requires that we respect what are, after all, American principles of justice. Our values will always triumph in any war of ideas, and we can't let failings like prisoner abuse tarnish our image. If we are model citizens of the world, more people around the world will look to us as a model.
When our nation was founded over two hundred years ago, we were the world's only democratic republic. Today, there are more than 100 electoral democracies spread all across the globe. We must reaffirm our faith in the principles that our founders declared to be universal, that all people are created equal and possess inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We fought a Revolution, a Civil War, two world wars, and a cold war to vindicate these principles and ensure that freedom could be enjoyed, as Abraham Lincoln promised, by all people of all colors everywhere.' We were right to struggle for democracy then, and we are right to do so now.
This is not idealism, my friends. It is the truest kind of realism. Today as in the past, our interests are inextricably linked to the global progress of our ideals. The vision of a new era of enduring peace based on freedom is not a Republican vision. It is not a Democratic vision. It is an American vision. The American people have known instinctively for two centuries that we are safer when the world is more democratic. Whatever our differences, we all share the same goal: a world of peace and freedom, of prosperity and opportunity, of hope. We have a duty to ourselves to be true to those beliefs, to use our great power wisely on behalf of freedom. As Ronald Reagan proclaimed in his speech to the British Parliament in 1982, Let us go to our strength. Let us offer hope. Let us tell the world that a new age is not only possible but probable.'

That's Leadership!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

John McCain - The Paradigm for an American President

This ain't no photo-op shot taken by Karl Rove's Boys and Girls - This guy is the real deal!

I have always liked Barack Obama. As a life-long Democrat, I admire his brains and his heart. As a legislator in Illinois he was effective and impressive. Then came the last Democratic National Convention and the newly minted Senator from Illinois electrified America. I hope that was not his high water mark.

Within days of DNC, Senator Obama was elevated to political Olympus and in the months that followed he was surrounded by the acolytes of every Democratic political disaster over the last twenty years. Though he eclipsed every National wannabe - especially Rep.Jesse Jackson, Jr. who got himself a tummy-tuck right after Obama's Sun Ascended, Senator Obama ran into the arms of the Amature-Hour politicos ( they get paid, of course, but they couldn't deliver a win even if the 'old school fix' was in). The Clintons' people, old Bowie Knife slashing Arkansas gut -stabbers, have been through Obama's life like and IRS man on steroids. Right now, Senator Obama is being ham-strung in the debates and shows early signs of fighting for his political life ( Who prepped him for the Debate? Joe Moore? Dick Simpson? Casper Milquetoast?)- Stay tuned.

There is only one person running for President who has the heart, lungs, liver, brains and every other metaphorical organ necessary to lead America - John McCain. Here are the words of leader.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Come to the Signing Party at Keegan's Pub!

You will not need to wade in over a reef to get to Keegan's,
but things do get wet in there!

Beverly Neighborhood Book Signing Party
Saturday – June 30th 2007 from 2PM -5PM
Hosted by
Keegan's Pub
10618 S. Western Ave.

The Bookie Paperbacks
2419 W. 103rd StreetChicago Illinois 60655
(Next to the White Hen)

Pat Hickey will sign copies of The Chorito Hog Leg, Book One a Novel of Guam in Time of War – I have refrigerator magnet book markers for all of the practical and good natured folks who join us!

Gifts , Food, Drinks and Neighbors!

Friday, April 06, 2007

SEIU is a threat to the American Standard of Living: OPUS CAVEO!

The name of the man in the center of the old newsprint cartoon is Terrence Powderly -Powderly started the America Labor Movement. You will not read about him or hear of him too much these days. He understood the difference between being an employee and being a Scab. Ironically, enough Powderly's position always was to help move workers into the American Middle Class. Move them to skilled trades and more wages and benefits. Labor gave America the Standard of Living that it had enjoyed and is now being taxed and co-opted out of existence by radicals.

On April 5, 2007 Chicago Sun Times Columnist Lynn Sweet proposed that Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley, who recently was elected by an overwhelming percentage to the Office of Mayor and has enjoyed his victory with a daily litany of howls and attacks on him and his management of Chicago in the Chicago media, chat it up with SEIU leader Andy Stern.

Fair Enough. The Mayor of Big Shoulders should be able to take any criticism to heart and to head. The Mayor should set his own appointments. The same critics want the Mayor to have a sit-down with Andy Stern of Services Employee International Union - the man most responsible for organizing no skill, low skill and public salaried workers.

Andy Stern - according to the media - is an innovative thinker - he thinks outside of box.' He organized the Big Box Ordinance drive that is helping to marginalize the influence of real labor. Denny Gannon, a skilled tradesman, has been put in the unenviable position of 'working with' Andy Stern:

Lynn Sweet wrote, 'Stern, like Daley, is practical and just want to gets things done. '

And then argued for Daley to go along with the Mayors of these Cities - Rubber Stamp?

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa knows Stern. So does Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit, Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston, Mayor Bill White of Houston and Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco. After the runoffs -- no matter the outcomes -- Daley and Stern, if they sat down, would find they share a goal of building a better Chicago' ( Sweet April 5, 2007)

Just because these Mayors drank the Kool-Aid does not mean the Mayor of Chicago should. Chicago still has a significant middle class population - Andy Stern will do away with that and Real Labor will continue to become marginalized politically and organizationally. They have become timid around Purple Andy. The media loves the guy! They have not proven to be too pro labor: Printers Strike at the Tribune; Slams at the Trades Unions are a regular feature in the media.

Labor unions grow strong through the organization of dues paying skilled workers: carpenters, pipefitters, electricians, engineers. People who build and maintain things are paid a good wage because of collective bargaining - not raising taxes on the very Union Women and Men SEIU purports to share Brotherhood. The building of the American Middle Class was Labor's great victory. Labor now appears to be commiting a Jonestown on itself with Andy Stern providing the Purple Kool Aid.

Andy Stern, a Unversity of Pennsylvannia trained Social Worker, is a radical who along with David Wilhelm of the Hotel and Restaurant Employees Workers of Las Vegas worked very hard to organize low, low, low wage workers and to capitalize on their conditions with solid Leftist rhetoric. Their goal is not to bargain wage increases for the rank and file and improve their benefits but exact political punishment on elected officials and effect Redistribution of Wealth. The Rich will not be touched by the chipping away of the American Standard of Living, but the middle class - the skilled Union members and their extended families - will disappear.

The Big Box Ordinance was a disaster. It ain't done yet. Lynn Sweet, evidently a huge fan of Andy Stern's radical attempt to whittle away at the standard of living enjoyed by the middle class in Illinois , wants Daley to smoke the pipe with Andy:

SEIU is the second largest tax-payer salaried 'union' in the country with more than 850,000 public service employees.

SEIU does not operate to improve the lives of its membership but to engage in political monster apparitions and threaten elected candidates to 'go along' with them.

SEIU engages in radical redistribution of wealth strategies that force an increase in government ( tax-payer funded) salaries and thus create a greater burden on the middle class - especially real labor unions: the skilled trades unions.

SEIU swells like a tick with its membership drives targeting no-skill, low skill, and tax-paid employees. Membership dues are or were the life's blood of a strong labor force in America. SEIU fights to push for minimum wage increases - but a significant sum of that wage increase will come from taxpayers. SEIU is a great threat to the American Labor Movement that created the American Standard of Living - a middle class standard of living.

SEIU's redistribution of wealth will not chip away at America's rich but it will evaporate the American middle class and that , it seems is it's goal.

Mayor Daley, you do not need friends like Andy Stern; neither did Denny Gannon, nor John Sweeney nor the hundreds of thousands of immigrants, working poor, and unskilled minimum wage earners who wear those Purple T-shirts.

Workers Beware! They're Shearing sheep as big as whales!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two Part Historical Novel Fuses Guam and Chicago History

My novel The Chorito Hog Leg, Book One: A Novel Guam in Time of War concerns the liberation of Guam in World War II and fuses Chicago and Guam history.
The title comes from a place where hundreds of American teenagers died in July 1944 and an antique revolver. The revolver is not that important, but Chorito Cliff was and is to a generation of men and women who are disappearing at too great a rate.

Chorito is the name of a cliff overlooking the Asan beaches on Guam. In 1944, the 3rd Marines assaulted Chorito Cliff and Bundeschu Ridge. A Hog Leg is the nickname for an 1860 Colt .45 Revolver.

While working on the Every Heart and Hand: A Leo High School Story, I was struck by how many members of the Leo Class of 1943 served in the Marine Corps and also in the Guam Campaign. Likewise, it struck me that almost nowhere in popular culture has room enough been made for the most loyal Americans - the People of Guam - The Chamorros. I started doing some homework and the result is a historical novel in two parts. Part One covers the time of April 1944 to August 10, 1944 and introduces some of the fictional and historical characters who figure in this work.

Within the carnage of battle is a war pitting a young man, Tim Cullen Leo High School '43, against his battalion commander over the possession of an 1860 Army Colt .45 Hog leg revolver which can be traced back to Capt. Myles Keogh who died with Custer. The last owner is the doomed Lt. Jack Buck of Giddings, TX. Buck will be killed in the taking of Bundeschu Ridge, but Jack Buck had exacted a promise from Pvt. Tim Cullen of his platoon to keep it from the hands of Major Lucas Opley, an up from the ranks Marine of legend, and return the Colt to his family in Texas.This story also brings in life in Chicago's south side, in particular the people who lived along 79th Street in the 1940's.

Historical personages like some of the great men of Leo High School,Lyndon Johnson, General Roy Geiger, Col. Red Mike Edson, Father Jesus Duenas, Radioman Paul Newman, Ensign Johnny Carson, Edward J. 'Spike' O'Donnell, Mayor Ed Kelly and Brother Francis Finch mingle with fictional characters Tim Cullen, Billy Higgins, Lucas Opley, Dr. Ted Tanaka and Betty Cruz. Life in St. Sabina's Parish and along 79th Street in Chicago is recreated to the best of my powers. My narrative is the intrusive narrator that was used to offer commentary on the action and infuse a moral tone. At the outset, I wish to apologize for any typos that sneaked past my tired old eyes - placing an 'and' where I mean to place ad 'an' - writers are not the best editors.

The story is about a young man who developed a sharp moral sense in his neighborhood and a devotion to his word to others - fashioned in the pews of St. Sabina Church, the halls of Leo High School, the playing surface of Shewbridge Field and along 79th Street. Cullen's values and sense of honor is tested by circumstances and the hidden agenda of an otherwise good man, Maj. Lucas Opley.

Parallel to Cullen’s ordeals with the 3rd Marines and suffering on Japanese occupied Guam are movie house operator Juan Cruz and his family, as well as an exiled Japanese American Dentist and his movie star wife. Exacting the cruelty is the oafish Boson Otayama and the American educated Lt. Kato. Awaiting liberation are also such historical figures of Guam’s history as Father Duenas and Pastor Sablan who heroically protected American George Tweed from the Japanese for two years.

The touchstone Hog-leg revolver, in its shoulder holster, will be taken from Lt. John A. Buck’s body by Cullen at an aid station on Guam’s Red Beach 2 and cause Cullen no end of problems. The Battalion commander wants the Colt Hog-leg. Cullen hangs on to the weapon but never uses it and is repeatedly ordered by Maj. Opley to hand it over. Opley wants it for himself. This through-the ranks career officer will undo himself through his own devices and be sent home under a cloud after years of service to the Corps after the Guam Campaign.

In the Fall of 2007, the second book of The Chorito Hog Leg story will follow the adventures of Tim Cullen through the mopping-up actions on Guam, the Iwo Jima Campaign, the sinking of U.S.S. Indianapolis, the Atomic Bombings of Japan, the beginning of the War Crimes Trials on Guam and return Cullen, through the great Pacific Typhoon of 1945, to Chicago. Again, the author will employ the ‘intrusive narrator’ technique used by William Makepeace Thackeray in his 19th Century historical fictions.

I hope that I do some justice to the generation who served in World War II and to the great people of Guam.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hide - The Root of Chicago Race Relations

Chicago has never recovered from the Meatpackers Strike of 1904. Though engulfed by flames in 1871, Chicago rose from its roots again like an oak forest on steroids. The Pullman Strike, put down by George Custer's replacements, Illinois Yellow-legs and Pinckerton's goons, was as nothing compared to what lay ahead on the tracks.

Chicago's steel tentacles pulled cattle, hogs, sheep and any other hooved hide that could be tanned, eaten, rendered or husbanded to a vast yard owned by sharp men of business. The amalgamation of tanners, packers, renderers, and shippers had cheap, disorganized and willing pool of people to labor, bleed, and exploit - Czech, Irish, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Westphalian, Belgian, Prussian, Bavarian, Norwegian, and Swedish.

Some of those immigrants had skills as carpenters, millwrights, metal workers, coopers, cartwrights, and teamsters; most had no skills other than brute strength. Today they would be called Caucasian, though very few had passed through Caucases to get to America.

On July 12, 1904, a strike was called by the Almagamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen (AMC) whose President Michael Donnelly announced the strike.

The causes of the strike ranged from low wages to the excessive pace required while on the job. The strike lasted for nearly two months and included rioting and murder with few periods of peace. The strikers used tactics such as demonstrations and parades while the packers responded by hiring strikebreakers. Although factory conditions were unchanged, the strike had many far reaching effects on the city of Chicago, the union, and the nation as a whole. . . . The Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen played a major role in the strike. It was a giant organization and employed both skilled and unskilled workers, a circumstance often resented by skilled workers.(Halpern 32) Though unity was not one of the union's strong points, the union did give workers some sense of it, which was vital when the strike finally began. The main protagonists of the strike were the common laborers, the skilled and unskilled butchers of the Chicago packing plants. The workers, now somewhat organized, demanded higher pay and an end to the relentless "speeding up" of the packing progress. The typical laborer at the time of the strike was foreign, unskilled, worked long, hard hours, and was paid less than twenty cents an hour. The strikers were also very violent which resulted in numerous murders and riots. ("Strikers Firm" 2)

The murders and riots were in reaction to the bringing of strikebreakers, most African Americans from the South and hired goons to agitate and incite viollence. Chicago Tribune archived articles from the period of the strike - roughly July through September 1904 bear witness to the actions and motives behind those acts.

The violence brought home to the heart of readers the intense frustration felt by the strikers and their families and the malice and greed that Chicago's leading families were willing to orchestrate in the name of profit. 8,750 strikebreakers, mostly miserably poor blacks, were lured with promises of a better life in Chicago and train fare to this abatoir of the human heart. Strikers and their families were in fact starving despite the effort of Strike relief Committes and the sympathy for strikers crossed state lines. However, the need to feed the greed was greater than articulating an agreement with the AMC. The owners intended to break this strike and they succeeded.

After a unanimous vote to maintain the strike, AMC President Michael Donnelly announced the strike ended on Sept. 9 1905 - 59 days after the strike was called.

The resulting antipathy between multi-cultural,lingual, and religious Caucasians and the strikebreaking African Americans would play out for next one hundred and two years in Chicago. The nature of race relations would always be reduced to the simple 'color of a man's skin' equation by people with the luxury of not being close to the conflict.

The descendants of the strikers would recoil from relations with the people who came North in the hope of a better life. They were shoved into combat with people themselves the victims of exploitation and those who profited by that combat. Those same descendants, one hundred and two years later, contine to be at odds with one another. The strikers descendants moved away as the Black Belt expanded to Berwyn, Cicero, Maywood and the southwest sides - places that since the 1904 strike have been branded as single-mindedly racist, unlike neighborhoods far removed from killing floors on the south side. The Armours and the Swifts and their co-industrialists did well by the strike and became clean with wealth, while the strikers and the strikebraekers were set at odds with one another and continue to be.

The horrific race riots of 1919 were confined to battlefields of Back of the Yards and the Black Belt. The fight for fair housing from the 1940's through the new Millenium mirror that combat zone. Dr. King marched in Marquette Park, where the descendants of the strikers lived and not in Highland Park where the people who prospered by that broken strike. Southside white ethnic neighborhoods continue to be referred to as 'racial hotbeds' as recently as last week in the Chicago media. Blacks continue to be pitted against ethnic whites and exploited for political and economic gain.

Maybe, some talk about the causes and consequences of the 1904 Meatpackers Strike should preclude any 'Let's talk Race' challenge.


Halpern, Rick. Down on the Killing Floor: Black and White Workers in Chicago's Packinghouses, 1904 - 54. Urbana, Illinois : University of Illinois Press, 1997.

Strike is Ended; Men Surrender." Chicago Daily Tribune. 9 Sept. 1904

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Be On Time and Be Prepared to Work!

Tim King, former CEO of Hales Franciscan and founder and CEO of Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men-Englewood Campus set to open in fall 2006, states in a Chicago Tribune op-ed piece (May2, 2006) that 'It's time to set a new dinner table.' King , who left Hales Franciscan for ventures in philanthropy education and now Charter Education, wants African American fathers to sit down with their sons and 'show them an alternate future, one that includes hard work, being accountable and going to college.' He warns, 'Until we embrace this responsibility, they (African American Young Men) will continue to fail and so will we.' Riffing on this third and most important topic, the need to provide great black male role models for young men, King's dualism bashes 'bling with books; rims with reading; and chillin' with college.' King echoes what Hales Franciscan has argued since 1961 and Leo High School has been teaching since 1926. But allow me to articulate the core of the message.

Tim King stated earlier in his essay that he had learned the value of education at the dinner table from his entrepreneur father, lawyer uncle, and Georgetown University graduate older brother. Tim King went to Georgetown, law school, and started his own business. He'll be a great role model for the young men of Urban Prep Charter in Englewood. He has lived the lesson.

I have helped provide funding for Leo High School for the last eleven years. Leo High School, like Hales Franciscan is a Catholic college prep serving African American young men. I am not black; I am Irish American and so is my boss Bob Foster, Leo's President. Bob has been serving Leo High School as Principal and President since 1991 and has devoted most of his forty-four years in education to the boys at Leo. Like Bob Foster, I was a teacher and also the first member of my family to go to college. My County Kerry - born Grandfather and founder of the Engineer's Union always told me that I had better go to college or I'd starve to death. He was slighting my practical labor skills more than working on my self-esteem. Bob Foster's father and all of his older brothers were Chicago Police Officers. He too was the first in his family to finish college.

My dad was a blue color worker with three jobs, who had gone to war instead of college. In fact only one of my seven uncles went to college and only completed his degree before his death from cancer at 43 years of age. Like Tim King, our dinner conversation revolved around the subject of school, hard work, and meeting my responsibilities. The topic of college hung out in the ozone as a possibility merited by hard work, good luck, and God's intervention. Most important was the subject of responsibility - be on time and be prepared to work.

College Preparatory means just that - prepare for for college. Leo High School, like Hales Franciscan, has a remarkable record of sending young men on to some of the best colleges and universities in America. The lessons taught at Leo High School are these - be on time and be prepared to work. One young man, a 2000, graduate was accepted at six major universities: University of Illinois offered him the full-boat. Though a great athlete, this young Leo Man merited an Academic scholarship. Forsaking all offers of a college career for now, this Leo grad chose to apply for the Pipefitters Apprenticeship Program and was accepted. Unlike me, this young man had the aptitude for success in the trade, as well as books smarts. Not only that, this young man had an aptitude for meeting his responsibilities. The Director of the Apprenticeship Program, John Lean, reported to me that 'our guy' not only attended all of the required classes but showed up at the Pipefitters school on his days off - to bone - up on welding techniques.

Once in the trade and in the field, the poor guy was pulled this way and that way by contractors and superintendents wanting his skills, work ethic, and unfailing dedication. This black young man is making a great deal of money and enjoying a wealth of respect. He was prepared for college, but he excelled as a man.

I sit at the kitchen table with my son. We talk about his classes and his work in school. We talk about what is really important in life - be on time and be prepared to work. My son might go to college, but I pray that he is prepared to be a man. Hales Franciscan and Leo High School are two pretty good schools. They are Catholic schools, but most of the young men attending both are not necessarily Catholic themselves; they are all African American and they are all taught - be on time and be prepared to work.