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Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's Okay to Hate Sarah Palin, Because She is Happy.

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The Nation, a singularly obnoxious drum circle for trust fund babies in need of purpose and talking points, said this prior to the Iowa Primary:

Palin’s star has faded since she turned the Republican Party’s 2008 campaign into a theater-of-the-absurd production. But that star still shines with a small but very significant group voters that Trump needs. Although Palin became something of a laughingstock by the end of the 2008 campaign, a lot of conservative purists refused to laugh at her. Rather, they laughed with her—and many still do.
Palin’s favorable rating among Republicans in general has collapsed over the past seven years—from well above 80 percent when she joined John McCain’s ticket, to around 30 percent in recent years—but Palin can still headline a Tea Party rally and draw cheers. The most exaggerated conservatives, especially social conservatives, still view her as a “one-of-us” right-winger who believes what they believe. ( italics my own)

This is the standard yin/yang mix of Progressive logic.  Sarah Palin is a laughingstock and yet a force to be reckoned with.

Republicans, I am a Democrat, do sneer and go-along with the smart set and this is a principal symptom of that anemic Party's problem.

My understanding of the GOP can best be understood in a thorough study of the anthro-metaphor, Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois.  If a Republican wishes to soul-surf, as soul searching has gone out of practise, study Kirk in his thoughts, words and deeds.  He was tossed out on his well-padded rump, which has never been attached to a spine.

Kirk detested Sarah Palin, because Senator Dick Durbin ( D.IL) told him to do so.  Mark Kirk was and always had been a creature of the Illinois Combine ( see John Kass). Kirk scorned Palin, but was not beneath begging Sarah Palin to endorse him over Tammy Duckworth - Governor Palin ignored Kirk's squeal and went on the Oprah Winfrey show instead.

Sarah Palin came from a very happy, but hard-scrabble family in small town Alaska. Without connections, endorsements, clout, but with batteries of will, talents and courage became the popular mayor of her town and then a very popular Governor.  All the while mothering a growing family and being devoted partner to her  husband a hard working union man.

I find Sarah Palin to be all of these

  • She is a superb athlete - she could humiliate Obama on the B-ball court
  • Skilled hunter and fisherman
  • Good cook
  • Looks like a knockout
  • Enjoys her family
  • Lives her faith
  • Helps her neighbors
  • Never whines about horrible treatment meted out almost daily in the media
  • She is detested by David  Brooks, Chris Matthews, Eric Zorn, Katrina vanden Heuvel (lower case v -you idiots!), Bill Moyers, Van Jones and most of the leading clowns in our political circus

Sarah Palin is the figure of feminism, but she does not believe babies should be slaughtered.  She was a politician without corporate logos patched all over her, like a NASCAR driver.  She was smart, but spoke her mind and with a very funny voice.  Sarah Palin is the People - you know the people polled by CNN who said that Hillary Clinton loved 'the average, hard-working American.'

Hillary, Wolf Blitzer, Gloria Borger, John King and Gloria Vanderbilt's little boy Anderson detest 'the average, hard-working American.'

The Democrat/GOP Globalist Secularist Oligarchs hate everything about people with grit, initiative, piety, duty to country, self-lessness, and self-deprecating humor.  Sarah Palin who not only kept her baby with Downs Syndrome, to the absolute horror of Cecile Richards and blood-harpies of Planned Parenthood, but held her baby up proudly to the entire Nation, not the magazine.

The hipsite Wonkette whooped up the elites when the Palin family celebrated the baby's third birthday:

That strange man yelling unintelligibly at Sarah Palin? He’s merely a lowly shepherd proclaiming the birth of our savior. Today is the day we come together to celebrate the snowbilly grifter’s magical journey from Texas to Alaska to deliver to the America the great gentleman scholar Trig Palin. Is Palin his true mother? Or was Bristol? (And why is it that nobody questions who the father is? Because, either way, Todd definitely did it.) It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are privileged to live in a time when we can witness the greatest prop in world political history.
Good old David Letterman loved that material, too.

I am not that sophisticated.  I respect women who heroically defend their children.  More so, I really respect a tough father, who loves his bride and is slow to anger.  I wish Todd Palin could have shared a phone booth with David Letterman and that dead creep of a writer who moved in next door to the Palins. Conor MacGregor could do no better.

In the second year of her term as Governor of Alaska, John McCain vetted and begged Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

After the GOP Convention, McCain Strategists Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace felt that their access to Hollywood & Fifty Rock was in peril and they helped the media to savage Sarah Palin and her family.  Soon, John McCain had an excuse for bailing out of the 2008 Campaign that had turned from Terrorism to Bank Failure.  McCain all but  vanished after the first week of September, 2008 - Sarah Palin took all of the blame and still does.

Now, Sarah Palin stands to serve as Interior Secretary.   Now, the GOP owes its thin-blooded life to Truman Democrats and Reagan Republicans like Sarah Palin.  Trump is not of us - the average, hard working American, but he is not above us.  Trump surprised me.  He won Iowa, after Sarah Palin endorsed him.

Sarah Palin was the only forgotten American, crucified all through Obama's eight year memory lapse that African American shoe salesmen, CTA train and bus drivers, Greek American restaurant owners, Irish American pipe fitters, French American hog farmers and Jewish carpenters celebrated hope and change.  Sarah Palin and the Tea Party folks tried to snap Obama out of his reveries with Beyonce, Jay Z and George Clooney. Palin took the most of the very personal hits.

My personal belief is that intellectuals, academics, pollsters, lobbyists, consultants and community organizers - the mandarins of oligarchy - hate happy people.  They want, need and love the faceless down trodden Refugees, Unempowered, Masses, who , or whatever they happen to be. Sarah Palin is very happy.

It is Ok to hate, losers.  How'd that work for you on November 8th?  Stay happy America!

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump Wins - Sarah Palin Did It.

Donald J. Trump is President Elect - the 45th President of the United States.

I went to sleep last night convinced that Hillary R. Clinton would be so; I believed that America was about to be hammered flatter, sillier, undignified and weaker than it already happens to be.

I voted for Donald Trump only to vote against Hillary R. Clinton, a third term for President Obama and to toss the middle finger at the Illinois Democrat and Republican Parties.

I succeeded on two.

Here in Illinois, we have same-old-same-old. Illinois is still squeezed into its globalist Progressive Hillary Blue pant suits.

The Chicago Sun Times, The Chicago Tribune, WTTW and the networks succeed in maintaining Rube Goldberg Progressive Pension  Handout Machine, available only to oligarchs, cretins, feebs and dummies.
Illinois election results  MORE RESULTS

U.S. Senate
Tammy Duckworth (D)
Mark Kirk (R)
99.1% of precincts reporting

Susana Mendoza (D)
Leslie Geissler Munger (R)
99.1% of precincts reporting
U.S. House
Brad Schneider (D)
Robert Dold (R)
100.0% of precincts reporting
State's Attorney
Kim Foxx (D)
Christopher Pfannkuche (R)

U.S. House District 7
 Back to top
Danny Davis DEMOCRAT 232,322
Jeffrey Leef REPUBLICAN 44,242
Precincts reporting: 568 of 597, Last updated: November 9, 2016, 5:37 a.m.
U.S. House District 8
 Back to top
Raja Krishnamoorthi DEMOCRAT 141,080
Pete DiCianni REPUBLICAN 101,871
Precincts reporting: 465 of 465, Last updated: November 9, 2016, 5:37 a.m.
U.S. House District 9
 Back to top
Jan Schakowsky DEMOCRAT 203,776
Joan McCarthy Lasonde REPUBLICAN 105,900

The lame continue to halt everyone in Illinois.

Not so, beyond Cook County.  Donald J. Trump hit a nerve in the decaying molars of the American Middle Class that has lost its dental insurance, along with its sense of We Are the People.

I worked very hard for John McCain in 2008 and when he picked Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, I believed that he had found the path to victory.  I was very wrong.  Barack Obama had a great machine, but he is a man of limited capacities controlled by people who do not like the United States, its history and most of its people very much.

The Obama machine turned its sights on Sarah Palin and the news media, Hollywood, Bruce Springsteen, P-Diddy, SNL and MASSCULT America went 'gangsta' on not only Governor Palin, but her family.  That woman could take it.

John McCain, a hero who withstood years of physical and psychological torture at the hands of the Communists in North Vietnam's Hanoi Hilton with the manly grace of Samson at the milling wheel, eyeless in Gaza, turned into George Stephanopoulas at the thought of ridicule in his beloved American media and Jack Griffin when the economy tanked in September, 2008.  Senator McCain was happy being Senator McCain and he allowed Barack Obama to waltz into the White House, while he retained the good will of Chris Matthews, David Brooks, Wolf Blitzer and weaker sisters of the GOP.
Image result for sarah palin donald trump
McCain allowed Sarah Palin and her family to be nailed to the cross, by David Letterman and every toxic ink slinger continental.

I admire Sarah Palin and consider her to be the 21st Century Mother Jones.

I also like Sarah Palin as a person - she seems like a fine mother and seems very happy. Happiness really upsets American Progressives - unless of course they happen to be burning witches at the stake or engaging in universal self-loathing.

I believe that I am the only member of my vast family who admires Sarah Palin.  In fact even among my more conservative friends this admiration of mine seems a bit daft.

The very pious, elegant and well-spoken woman, who deigns to be seen in public with me,  is put off by Gov. Palin's rhetorical choices and her God-given voice.  Coming from a blue-collar Irish Catholic family where Party loyalty equals Union (Real Labor) fidelity,  Ms. Palin's own Family Labor background gets lost in translation by my dear tribe, as well as the American Progressive Smart-Set.  The same family members, my Mom most loudly, who hold that Ms. Palin must be "nuts" are not in the least put off by Nancy Pelosi's ghost whispering. Second only to these standard issue mental health canards, comes the Celtic charge of Palin being a "total phony!"  Could be.  It's lost on me.

I like and admire Sarah Palin.  She can lead.  President Obama, in the words of Hockey Dad and Chicago's own Bobby Hull, "couldn't lead a dog out of a thunderstorm with a T-bone steak." The man can baffle with soaring bullshit, I'll give him that . . . not that he writes any of it.

I'd follow Sarah Palin into a Jenny Craig Program; I would not follow President Obama into Old Country Buffet.

Sarah Palin stayed in the fight for these last eight years of the Obama Administration and took the buffets and blows with her sinewy courage.  Palin was the voice in the Wilderness, mocked by an HBO movie, David Letterman every night, GOP thin skins universal and even people who once felt warm toward her plain spoken Populism.

Sarah Palin was the first national political figure to give street cred to Donald J. Trump and every theme that brought him to victory - listen to the whole speech.

That voice is something.  That rhetoric is something.  That endorsement lit the fire.

Sarah Palin went dark, after her endorsement and did not need to play Jesse Jackson, photo-bombing her choice at every turn, nor did Governor Palin allow herself to be a goat for Trump.  He does that on his own.

I do not know if Donald J. Trump will deliver.

I do know that he has the opportunity and he owes that opportunity to Governor Sarah Palin. Along with his daughter Ivanka, the victims of Clinton, Inc. Kathleen Wiley, Juanita Broderick and  Paula Jones, Sarah Palin's feminine heroism pushed Trump over the pundits, polls and plutocrats.

Sarah Palin has been right since 2008 - Tea Party, ISIS, Obamacare Death Panels, Occupy Anarchism, BLM and Putin's proximity to her backyard, the English Channel and Aleppo.

I pray that she will keep President Elect Donald Trump's nose on the right path.

Monday, October 24, 2016

I am Voting Today - Deplorable, For What It's Worth

Image result for Voting Booth Great McGintyYeah, that's right Hickey. With two Rs. H.I . . .Rockwell.

People get their shorts in a knot because I will not vote for Hillary R. Clinton, Jill Stein, or Gary Johnson. That leaves only Mr. Deplorable Himself, the Gettysburg Groper.

I do not care for whom you vote; you vote for thee - not me.Image result for Proud Voter Poster

This is the terrible truth of a republican democracy - we must choose. Maybe, we will choose wrongly.

In my career as a voter ( 1972- Present)- here are my votes:
 1.( W) Richard M. Nixon: I worked for the 18th Ward Regular Democrat Organization to help elect McGovern Delegates.  In Miami, Jesse Jackson, Abner Mikva, Michael Shakman and Bill Singer challenged those delegates and the DNC tossed them - my first Progressive Rig-job. The Roe V. Wade easily put America on its death spiral.  I voted for Tricky Dick, who resigned and good old Gerald Ford pardoned the crumb - that nixed any vote for Jerry. I went to GOP dominated Kankakee, IL and began teaching in 1975.

2. (W)Jimmy Carter: Boy was that fun and then Mr. Peanut put on sweaters and gas went through the roof and Iran went crazy and rabbits attacked him and Brother Billy brewed beer and took bribes from the Libyans and I thought Ronald Reagan was scary and so . . .well, Ted Kennedy who drowned a girl popped up every election cycle like a legacy whack-a-mole and teased Gov. Moonbeam and Jimmy.

3.(L) Jimmy Carter got smeared and Ronald Reagan softened the hearts of blue collar Catholic voters, by fighting for the unborn, fighting the Reds, taking a bullet and behaving with dignity, but he was still a GOP, Protestant left-footer. Abscam, the Ruskie Afghanistan bleed out, Star Wars, Commie in Central America and Grenada, Lebanon and now , (l)Fritz Mondale

4. ( L) Fritz Mondale, sweet guy.  Road kill.  The Reagan Years - Pax Americana.

5. Then George Herbert Walker Bush emerged from the shadows of the Vice Presidency, CIA and Huge Oil and sounded like Aunt Nancy from Chebanse and we had TED Kennedy again, and finally   ( L) Mike Dukakis - Snoopy Drives an Abrams and the  Desert Storm of Poppi of Kennibunkport and then Bubba showed . . .upin 1988 at the DNC!   I had taken a job in Indiana and watched the world get goofier  beyond the pines and spring fed lake of La Lumiere School.

6. ( W.W.)William Jefferson Clinton and Albert Gore were the first two non-WWII veteran, baby-boomers to run for President and they seemed like great guys - one with a homely wife and one with a stunner. The guy with the pooch-Frau was the top of the ticket and word got around that he was quite a hound himself.  I remember pushing my son Conor in a stroller at the 1992 South Side Irish Parade and seeing Gore and Clinton work the crowd on Western Ave. two tall good looking guys in black topcoats. I voted Clinton over Dole in 1996

7.  Bubba had the chops and his two terms mired by repeated scandals about money and sex and finally the national humiliation of unveiling the truth about a President who could eat a pizza, enjoy a fellation from a young White Staffer and chat with a congressman about Bosnia all at once. Our moral soul fit like OJ's gloves.  I needed a shower. and ( L) John Kerry did not help with his I Had an Abortion  pinking up the Boston DNC, while he wind-sailed to the camera's - What and A$$hole!. GW Bush was gearing up for a royal coronation, because Kerry was as lame as he has been as Secretary of State and got hammered.  We went to War on Terror and I like the way GW Bush responded to the 9/11/2001 attack on America, until he took Poppi's phone call and allowed the Saudis to jet away scot-free and then sent our kids to Afghanistan and then Iraq.

8. (L) Al Gore 'invented the internet' and brought all of the excitement and energy of a glutton at Weight Watchers to a challenge to GW and my vote for the last Democratic Presidential Candidate of my career in the polling booth ended on the hanging chads.

9.( L) John McCain should have easily beaten Barack Obama in 2008: he had a great VP choice in Governor Palin, a great message, experience and the media behind him for the most part against a callow, not-very-bright, prickly, self-absorbed community organizer who was whiter than Clarence Thomas and pals with the very people who made me cast my virgin vote for Nixon.  The Mortgage Investment Bubble blew and the economy tanked.  McCain who had endured horrible dangers and excruciating torture at the hands of Communists, ran away from a capitalist bump in the road and all but stopped campaigning after September 2008. He allowed Sarah Palin and her entire family to become a target for ridicule and never stood up for her.  Obama handed him his ass.

10. Barack H. Obama with Valerie Jarrett handing him orders and orchestrating his every move is the most protected, petted and pitiful President in our nation's history.  Obama is the 501(c) 3 President and PAC powerful clothes-horse.  The GOP is a party of cowards, sycophants, martyrs and zealots interspersed with a few genuine men of integrity and ability. (L) Mitt Romney, the Walter Mondale of the GOP, was offered up in sacrifice to Obama, in order to save and even increase numbers in House and Senate.

Bringing me to Election 2016.  I really need a shower.  I would have voted Democrat for Jim Webb, Republican Scott Walker, or Independent Rand Paul.  Instead we have the current choices, a Shameless Abortion Happy Medusa and a Shameful Braggart and Groper.  The others are toys for the Never/Never crowd of moral fiber eaters.

I am voting when the early polls vote. I stand at 4-7.

W - Nixon, Carter, Clinton (2) = 4
L. Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry, Gore, McCain. Romney =7

Here goes my ballot 2016!

Monday, July 04, 2016

Ms. Kennedy Townsend Asks,"What Should A Powerful Woman Look Like?" Golda Meir

I just finished reading an essay by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in the New York Times and boy are my arms tired.

There is always room for another thought piece by a Kennedy.  Ms. Kennedy-Townsend, or her DNC approved ghost, writes about her aunt Eunice Kennedy Shriver, herself, gives Sarah Palin a sexist jab,  and beggers logic as she relates a taxi drivers' wish for Hillary's White House gambit, because " she's hot"

Into this mish-mosh of "remember your Kennedys"  Kennedy Townsend lards out the paragraphs with Progessive playbook memes like America is intrinsically as sexist as it is nasty in all ways, because we burn women as witches, because of Christianity and only Christians put women onthe Kingsford and pastes a few sexist quotes from Aquinas and Tertullian, as well as John Adams, ending with the suggestion that Hillary will show American Girls how to be a powerful world leader.

That was an exhausting ten minutes.

Angela Merkel is not much of a world leader.  Hillary Clinton much less so.

Margaret Thatcher was adequate to her times.

Golda Meir is the Gold Standard - a substantial human being of heart, talent and experience.

She beat the Arab world still under the Nazified paw of the Palestinian madman the Grand Mufti.

She was as homely as Ben Gurion and as witty as Churchill.  Golda Meir was wonder woman long before the hoity-toity skanks of Manhattan began burning the 32 Z Playtex-es holding up their knee knockers and can't wait to see more babies aborted.

Golda Meir was no lightweight like too many Template Women in Politics (think Pelosi, Clinton, Palin, Wasserman Schultz, Boxer, Kennedy Townsend).  Mrs, Meir knew manure from mascara and once said, " We do not rejoice in victories. We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when strawberries bloom in Israel."

That is a powerful woman. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

We are Officially Returning McKinley Park to It's Native Name and Owners! Mopes

Mopetown* was an old Chicago neighborhood wedged between Bridgeport and McKinley Park - north of Archer and caressing Ashland Avenue.  There was great old saloon that gave me shelter from Chicago weather, when rode the bus to work, or from Loyola back in the late 1960's and early '70's.  The saloon was called McGloins, and now it is the Archer Foot Care: Total Foot and Fungus Treatment Center.

I read where President Obama renamed Mount McKinley.  "Today we’re returning Mount McKinley to its native name - Denali, a step to reflect the heritage of Alaska Natives." He is a Mope!

We?  He's Alexander Sixtus Borgia Hawaiian!

Our preening Progressive Pope will do anything to piss off a large number of people and get away with it for no other reason than . . .  well, he can. I'm surprised he didn't give the whole dman Sarah Palin State back to the Russians, after all they had the initial naming rights to Mount McKinley when Seward cheated the Tzar out of one sweet land scam and he gives Putin anything. The Russkies called Mount McKinley Bolshaya Gora , which translates to Climate Change Big Lie. Now it is the biggest mountain in America is called Denali in Eskimo and translates to Man it's Cold Up Here!!!!!!!!!

In the spirit of America's worst President next to old Gay As Christmas Buck Buchanan, I , meaning we, give McKinley Park back to the The Scolios, the Forrers, the Walshes, the Verdons The Gerrings, the Atkinses, the Starrs and the Polyaks  - the indigenous people who were forced to leave their homes by the State of Illinois, Cook County and City of Chicago so the slowest Expressway in North America could be built and screw up traffic three times a day. 

*The great Anne Keegan wrote about vanishing Mopetown in 1987 and the last house in Mopetown in 1990.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Get Schooled: "Only Sophisticated Fiscal Fellows Follow Rahm"


Cultivated and percipient 19th Ward voter Chapin " The Lute" Craven* took especial umbrage when I offered my choice for Mayor - Jesus Chuy Gracia.

This, in sum, to the very best of my memory, were The Lute's views on my vote.

" You must be @#$%ing stupid, or some kind Tea Party thug. How can you call yourself a Democrat. You're full of $hit. I read you stupid crap about how you love Sarah Palin and hate Obama, because he happens to be a black man and you can not stand the simple truth that he won and he is in the White House to stay.

Rahm is the only choice we have and you hate Rahm because he is 'this' close to President Obama. You want Illinois to be like Detroit, Wisconsin with Scott Walker. How you like Rauner? Yeah. Idiots like you put him there. You want Chuy because you think he will destroy unions.

Rahm loves unions. Rahm hates the Tea Party and that is why he is taking money awy from Tea Party creeps like you and putting it into his own Campaign - redistribution of wealth, baby.  It's here and you can't handle it!

Chuy's nuts! He's not sophisticated, A$$hole; do you grasp that? Fiscal sophistication -understand?

All you know is hate. Hate for Obama! Hate for Col. er . . .African Americans!  Hate for Q . . .Marriage Equality! Haters gonna hate. You hate Rahm. Why? Jew? You and your hero Bibi - haters.

Chuy is going to turn Illinois into a border town, @#$er! That's right!  The Latino vote that is not mobbed up will vote for Rahm Emanuel.  You and Tea Party Chuy want a low turnout again.   @#$% You! That's right @#$% You! . . . Hey, can hold a couple of dollars, until I get my disability check."

Can't argue with that. Lute.
*Chapin " The Lute" Craven, 58, of Beverly  was a middle school science teacher in Glenwood, IL, and  applied for disability in 2003 due to "prolonged stress and chronic back pain," Illinois Attorney Genera Lisa Madiganl's Office has taken a special interest in Mr. Craven and recently said, "Mr. Craven  might be in violation of Illinois laws and statutes concerning vocational disability.  :Lute's disability  application was approved in 2004.
Since that time, he has received $245,130 in monthly disability payments, even though he was allegedly working as a full-time teacher in Beecher, IL began working as a substitute in Whiting, IN before filing his disability application, authorities said, and continued until 2010, when he accepted the full-time job, which he continues to hold.
Lute is active in Medieval String Club of Beverly Unitarian Church and featured artist on the sidewalk between Claremont and Western Avenue at 110th Street most Saturdays and Sundays. A vegetarian and activist Lute reads the New York Times, watches only Public Television and likes Carol Marin but would never think of dating her.
Mr. Craven is a confirmed bachleor and resides near the Metra .

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Chicago " Dewey Wins" Tribune Pulls the Trigger without Loading It's Rahm 9mm

You can't beat The Chicago Tribune - it would be a hate crime, like beating on a slow witted six-year old who just does not like À la Recherche du temps Perdu.  What?  Who doesn't prefer Proust to a bigg-ass wad of cotton candy? Not Bruce Dold.

You ( Mr. & Mrs. Chicago)  knew it would come, everybody knew it would come: How can City Hall make a mandatory $550 million payment to police and fire pension funds? Sure enough, kaboom, first question. What followed was Monday evening's mayoral debate, reduced to its essence:
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's staccato recipe for fixing City Hall's pension crisis leapt from higher employee contributions to a broader-based sales tax, to a city-run casino, to TIF surpluses. He concluded with an overarching rationale: Financial stability will give people "the confidence to bring jobs and people back to Chicago." Not every Chicagoan is jake with all that, but it's a responsible answer that gores several sacred oxen.
And Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia? The first words from his mouth: "It depends." Because his team has to "open up the books to understand what the real finances of the city are." Garcia didn't answer the question but did get in an off-topic jab about Emanuel subsidizing rich people.
OK, we thought, he'll find his footing. Soon came a question many Chicagoans ask: Property tax increase. Discuss.( parnthetical my own) 
Whar's to discus?  If wanted to be told what to think, I'd ask people with Rahm lawnsigns.  I was talked to to on parade day and told that Chuy Garcia has no fiscal finesse.

Rahm has fiscal finesse?

" Oh, @#$% you, Hickey.  You voted for McCain and Pailin."

Can't argue that.

I never tell anyone whom to vote for, when asked I'll say, " I like Sarah Palin."

"How can you she's and idiot. Didn't you see Game Changer on HBO?"

Matter of fact I did and I also caught the 1940 masterpiece Der ewige Jude at an art house revival.  Matter of fact, I saw the Chicagoland series on CNN and found it comparable to the 1935 epic Triumph des Willens.  We need a strong man.

So, Chuy lost the debate that I watched last night.

The Chicago Tribune editorial again tells Chicagoans what they want and they obviously want a 9.5 fingered misanthropic sububarnite to make hard the choices, like making kindergarten kids endure longer hours of training necessary to become John Dewey robots by third grade.

Chicagoans lust for the strong personality needed to amass millions of Hollywood and Wall Street dollars necessary to make helot's water bill jump in cost by 86%.

Financial stability means taking public lands from the parks and giving them to a bunch of Hyde Park grifters so that Barack Obama Presidential Library will not require that Barack and Michele Obama crack their wallets to finance it, like Mrs. Reagan and Mrs. Ford.

Bruce Dold mocks Chuy's response to the little strongman's fiscal platitudes.  Chuy replied, "You cannot move forward until you show the taxpayers of Chicago where the money is going."

Ouch. A second admission from Garcia that, nearly five months into his campaign for mayor, he doesn't talk even to the nearest billion about City Hall finances. The closest he got was a shot at Emanuel for failing to get Chicago's house in order, and "now talking in a sophisticated way about how he's going to do it." The obligatory next line — Here's how I'm going to do it — never arrived.
Bill Murray-style book editorial scribbling aside, this Well-Poisoning 101, which is an Honors Course at the Dave Axelrod Harris School of Political Bludgeoning.  Bruce Dold must be auditing that class.

Rahm was not told any of us 'How he plans to save us.'   Rahm will loot whatever city assest remain, ala Richie Daley. He will balloon any and all city taxes.  He will strip essential 1st Responder services to the bone.  He will out source the Department of Streets and Sanitation ( my prediction 2016) and work on doing the same to the cops and fireman. He will pander and propagandize through the Chicago Media.

Voters know that.  Some voters are for Rahm, fiercely for Rahm, loudly for Rahm, powerfully for Rahm. That's fine, for them. I appreciate their candor and devotion.  Rahm voters are fine with the way things are and hope to do even better for themselves if Chuy loses on April 7th.  They are good people and they tell you loudly and with pride " I'm with Rahm!"

I am not.  I had anough of Rahm Emanuel, when he was glued to Richie Daley by the Stepan Family in the 1980's when Richie ran for States Attorney.  I've had enough and I am even siding with SEIU, Jesse Sharkey of CTU and Ricardo Munoz for Chrissakes.  Mike Klonsky is a Chuyista and so am I.

I had enough.  I am voting for Chuy Garcia for Mayor of Chicago.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Kill Kids; Save Big Money!" says Dr. Jon "The Architect of ObamaCare" Gruber

 " . . .what did you mean when you said, 'They proposed it and that passed because the American people are too stupid to understand the difference?"

" I am embarrassed . . .I am sorry . . . well, Kinda . Sorry I got caught . . .for now . . .anyway.    I am so much more than just an MIT professor and White House Frequent Flyer . . . I can turn a Messerschmitt upside down . . .  check out these boots."

Rudy Hess, the Wagnerian goof who turned his Messerschmidt upside down over Scotland and spent the next four decades in the slammer once argued that National Socialism was 'applied biology.  Same goes for ObamaCare and our smarmy cable news creep of the cycle Dr. Jon Gruber.  He ain't alone. He and two other academic eugenics cheerleaders wrote a paper in 1997 that parallels a law written in 1932.

MIT, Wellesley and Harvard produced some real beauties, unparalleled for their idealism, intellectual heft and abilities to nail them grants, since Falk Ruttke,Arthur Gütt, and good old Ernst Rüdin enacted the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring, back in 1932. - Lookee hear!
The new Nazi law was coauthored by Falk Ruttke, a lawyer, Arthur Gütt, a physician and director of public health affairs, and Ernst Rüdin, a psychiatrist and early leader of the German racial hygiene movement. Individuals who were subject to the law were those men and women who “suffered” from any of nine conditions assumed to be hereditary: feeblemindedness, schizophrenia, manic-depressive disorder, genetic epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea (a fatal form of dementia), genetic blindness, genetic deafness, severe physical deformity, and chronic alcoholism.
Special hereditary health courts lent an aura of due process to the sterilization measure, but the decision to sterilize was generally routine. Nearly all better-known geneticists, psychiatrists, and anthropologists sat on such courts at one time or another, mandating the sterilizations of an estimated 400,000 Germans. Vasectomy was the usual sterilization method for men, and for women, tubal ligation, an invasive procedure that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of women.

Health courts! Just like one's Zeke Emanuel touts and Sarah Palin tagged as Death Panels - and some people mock Sarah Palin?

Planned Parenthood works its skull crushing magic on babies thanks to Gruber, Levine and Staiger!   If only Falke Ruttke, Artie Gütt and good old Ernst Rüdin bhad a Cecile Richards and a Barack Obama instead of Rudy Hess and Al Hitler, thei9r Will Might Have Triumphed.  

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Ristéard Cul Renifleur - Analysis of Tuesday's National Progressive Democrat Victory

"Worst Election Map since Ike and the best year ever for Progressives since 1929"

Ristéard Cul Renifleur is a very frequent voice in all media  that really count - Salon, New Republic, Hollywood Update, Frock Magazine, Mother Jones, MSNBC, CNN and . . .well, it is endless. Few could forget his barbs and banter and back and forth with Mother Theresa and Lech Walensa.on PBS when the twin saints of NeoCons argued that Planned Parenthood is Eichman in Pearl Izumi smartwear. " Get over yourselves, my dears, I know that I have,"  wagged the Prog watchdog.

Cul Renifleur predicted the rise of Ronan Farrow, Jan Schakowsky and the  Guardians, . . . who ever.  Cul Renifleur is cutting edge - he hourly tweets Cul-ing the Herd

I managed to take down a few bonmots from  Ristéard Cul Renifleur, or a composite of him,  and his reaction to the signal disasters that fell upon the Republicans, the Tea Party and Old Timey Democrats like me. We lost HUGE, says, Cul Renfleur.
Some foolish Fannies have bleated that the Romneybots swept a wave over Dear Barack, and L'il Debbie's DNC - Pooh.  Pooh, I say and again. This was a priceless victory of heart over head and spike through the black pumping heart of Wall Street.  Remember, Edward Snowden is slurping borsht because Bush wanted to avenge his Papa's name. No disaster befalls a people that had not been formed in the serpent's egg of American exceptionalsim. The only exceptional American is Katrina vanden Hueval - that bitch makes leather jackets works.
So, the American people went to the polls punched the pad on the nuclear launch codes that will spring Hillary into the White House, grant millions of darling undocumenteds amnesty and finally bring some wholesome threesomes to prime time television. Here's my $250,000 worth -
                             Tuesday's Five Biggest Losers?
  • Number One!!!!!!!! Sarah Palin . . .because she's Sarah Palin
  • Number Two - Scott Walker of Wisconsin . . .love the tom-toms.
  • Number Three - That Texan in the Wheelchair 
  • Number Four - Custer Park, Illinois My God!  Have you ever been there?
  •  Number Five - Red China and Putin's New USSR President Obama stared them down
                                            My Five Winners!
  • Number One - Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
  • Number Two - President Barack 'Redline' Obama - watch his poll numbers sky rocket! 
  • Number Three -Selena Gomez and Hillary Clinton - Say Amnesty and Keys to the White House
  • Number Four - Netflix and Planned Parenthood the momentum is palpable
  • Number Five - Ronan Farrow, Chris Hayes and that South African who runs on steel bands. Watch for him to host Dancing With the Stars.
 Ristéard Cul Renifleur, Ladies and Gents!  From the same Zipcode as Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Putin's Next Move Will be Made by Red China

The issue is not that Putin fails to grasp the promise of western-style democratic capitalism. It is that he and other American rivals flatly reject it. -Brisbane Times

"The foe perceived that something incomprehensible was going on in that menacing Sevastopol. Those ex-
plosions and the death-like silence on the bastions made them shudder ; but they dared not yet believe, being still under the influence of the calm and forcible resis- tance of the day, that their invincible enemy had dis-
appeared, and they awaited motionless and in silence the end of that gloomy night."  Count Leo Tostoy: Sevastapol Sketches

I had coffee with a friend who loves all things Obama.  Let's say, we agree to disagree.  Despite the record of the Obama White House 2008-Present, this gent is yet a'tingle with the tranformative President; even what passes for the geo-political reenactment of Howard Zinn's American History lessons, now so evident in post-Olympic Crimea and Ukraine. My friend believes that President Obama has Vlad Putin "right where he wants him."  In The Ukraine? "Oh, Stop, Hickey, you and your neo-conservative playing Risk with American lives."

Damn me,

Putin is KGB and Obama is . . .autobiographer, Nobel Laureate, community organizer, Cook County Democratic chess piece, adjunct lecturer?

Putin is not in this alone.  Red China is backing Putin's play and while the Crimea has Valerie Jarrett's attention for the moment, I expect Vlad's next move will be played by the Chinese Reds.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin, listens to General Ivan Buvaltsev, right, as they observe a military exercise near St Petersburg, Russia.  Japan and China both lay claims on Daioyu/Senkaku islands. And China's new zone overlaps with Japan's, which was formed on August 29, 1968. China contests the Japanese air defense zone as illegal, Zhang Junshe, who is with the Chinese Navy, told Xinhua.China also has stirred its South Korean neighbors. A reef called Ieodo in the Yellow Sea sits about 149 kilometers southwest of Korean and 287 kilometers east from China, and is partially covered by the Chinese ADIZ. The Koreans have established an Ocean Research Station on Ieodo. . . .
Jeffrey said the days and months ahead will be vital. If Putin faces few long-term consequences for seizing Crimea, it will set a precedent for China and other regional powers who may be considering establishing 19th century-style spheres of influence of their own.
"The Chinese," Jeffrey said, "are in the same position."
Obama organizes Planned Parenthood, White House Jay Z parties, MSNBC/Journolists play dates.  Putin goes for blood and dirt. Putin does not play.

Sarah Palin was mocked for looking out of kitchen window.  At least, she had the curiosity to take a peek.  Obama strikes me as the kind of guy who looks not out of windows, but into mirrors.

Risk is a game that I have never played in my life - too complicated.  I am a Candyland devotee, if truth be told.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Why I Tend to Admire Sarah Palin and Not So Much Our President

I like Sarah Palin - she is a very centered and happy person.  President Obama?  Not so much.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Nine Lost Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

" Soon as we finish hacking up these Square Heads, I'm gonna have me a solid lie down, some snacks and then write some more of my Meditations. . . . . Hey, you hear about the German barber?  He charges only 4 Aureii ( $1) - an Aureus a side!!!    That's a knee slapper, Q!  Ain't it? Hey, .  .  .   What - am I boring you, Quintilius?   Hey, pay attention to me, Tribune, I can still have your 'nads shredded by wild hogs.  Good battle, huh?  We got any cold Falerian left or did my kid drink the last of it?  How about the red with a little less lead in it."

Meditations is a series of personal writings by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor 161–180 CE, setting forth his ideas on Stoic philosophy. Wikipedia

The Meditations is a series of twelve books by the Roman Emperor, who would become most famous for his role as Russel Crowe's patron and Joaquin Phoenix's Dad in the great gladiator movie Gladiator.  Irish actor Richard Harris plays the geezer Imperator, who gets snuffed by his kid.  

Marcus Aurelius spent most of his life as a soldier-Emperor on the German frontiers of the Empire.  He was a Stoic* in his philosophy.  Americans are no allowed to be stoics. It is believed that baseball great, Korean War hero and sportsman Ted Williams was the last American male stoic. Sarah Palin is the last stoic.

Recently, I learned that nine lost meditations had been discovered by dumpster divers in Saudi Arabia.  Finding the ancient manuscript wrapping uneaten lobsters.  I immediately obtained a copy of the find and set about translating these pearls of wisdom. 

I -Si aliquid est natum esse in ientaculum?

II -Ego sum adeo eger haedis cutem, diebus, post horas, cera cum stylo scribere.

III- Aliquam felis non haerent inter dentes arida dies tenent phone.

IV -Donec in metus congressu eruit.

V- Sed non deserit, nisi sunt tumidi,

VI -Et tamen ego me omni tempore quo libri bibliotheca eam oblitus pulvinar dui.

VII- Quis est, qui magna est frigidissima est quid? Locutusque est ieiunium, tardus incessus, quo bonum Mohair Sam.Sapiens erit semper amor Sam Mohair

VIII- Denique, ut in vino decocta Beer puteum spiritus frumenti et jugibus a forsit, Matey.

IX- Qui relicto in latrina paper volumen vacuum, et non ex necessitate moventur, ut domus. Et ego eum in provincia anus quatere canum fera fame sues senatus! Stoicorum sum, sed non finem;

( Translations)

1. Have we got anything to snack on?

2. I am so sick of these kids always smoothing the wax after I take hours writing with my stylus.

3. Fresh Dates will not stick between your teeth; dried dates hold the phone.

4. I like girls who put out on the first meeting.

5. We ain't leaving until we are heaving!

6. I had the book with me all the time and nevertheless forgot to put it in the library drop box.

7. Who is the coolest guy who is what am?  Fast Talking, slow walking, good looking Mohair Sam. ( video) Cats always dig Mohair Sam!

8. Beer on  wine; mighty fine; beer on distilled spirits of grain and you hae a problem, Matey.

9. Who left the latrine paper roll empty  and did not replenish that household necessity?   I will toss his anus and him with it in an arena of starving wild dogs, pigs members of the Senate!  I am a stoic, but there are limits!



First published Mon Apr 15, 1996; substantive revision Mon Oct 4, 2010
Stoicism was one of the new philosophical movements of the Hellenistic period. The name derives from the porch (stoa poikilê) in the Agora at Athens decorated with mural paintings, where the members of the school congregated, and their lectures were held. Unlike ‘epicurean,’ the sense of the English adjective ‘stoical’ is not utterly misleading with regard to its philosophical origins. The Stoics did, in fact, hold that emotions like fear or envy (or impassioned sexual attachments, or passionate love of anything whatsoever) either were, or arose from, false judgements and that the sage—a person who had attained moral and intellectual perfection—would not undergo them. The later Stoics of Roman Imperial times, Seneca and Epictetus, emphasise the doctrines (already central to the early Stoics' teachings) that the sage is utterly immune to misfortune and that virtue is sufficient for happiness. Our phrase ‘stoic calm’ perhaps encapsulates the general drift of these claims. It does not, however, hint at the even more radical ethical views which the Stoics defended, e.g. that only the sage is free while all others are slaves, or that all those who are morally vicious are equally so. Though it seems clear that some Stoics took a kind of perverse joy in advocating views which seem so at odds with common sense, they did not do so simply to shock. Stoic ethics achieves a certain plausibility within the context of their physical theory and psychology, and within the framework of Greek ethical theory as that was handed down to them from Plato and Aristotle. It seems that they were well aware of the mutually interdependent nature of their philosophical views, likening philosophy itself to a living animal in which logic is bones and sinews; ethics and physics, the flesh and the soul respectively (another version reverses this assignment, making ethics the soul). Their views in logic and physics are no less distinctive and interesting than those in ethics itself.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Understanding President # 44 - "The White Sox Kid" Sums Him Up.

President Obama is finally being understood by Blue and Red America - there is a vast whiteness, a void, the great empty that is sum total of an entirely imagined man with a Presidential pension and Nobel Prize.

He is the same man that he was in 2009 when he talked about himself as the nation's Chief Sox Fan:

The names Minnie Minosa, Luis Aparicio, Nellie Fox, Billy Pierce, Joe Crede, Frank Thomas, Bo Jackson, Dick Allen could not ring that Pavlovian Presidential Bell.   Obama got a pass on that, because most Americans were too busy listening to Letterman make rape jokes about Sarah Palin's kids.

How should we not be surprised that Man in the Hart Schaffner & Marx rig-outs could answer any question about where he was on September 11, 2012, who wrote the Libyan talking points, where did the IRS get the knackers to open the books on Americans, how many bullets does DHS buy each day, which guns go to Mexican drug cartels, Samantha Powers, how many hours is it from Italy to Benghazi, or what is religious freedom?

I trust government only so much as I trust the people elected to govern.   

Sunday, October 07, 2012

London, 1928:Mr. Belloc Called it Right, But There Is Still Time To Get It Right

I guess Bill O'Reilly and John Stewart went at it last night.  They had a debate -  A gifted comic genius and an ego on steroids.  

John Stewart is brilliant.  Bill O'Reilly has a massive following.  Politically, I might be closer to O'Reilly, but that is about it.  I don't get the guy.  John Stewart on the other hand has a mind like a Swiss CPA and good humor and comic timing of a Chicago Homicide Detective.

Bill O¿Reilly and Jon Stewart onstage at O'Reilly Vs. Stewart 2012: The Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium

I imagine John Stewart mopped the floor with Bloviating Bill.

Eighty four years ago, two literary giants went tusk to tusk in London  George Bernard Shaw and GK Chesterton. Read the debate. I am going to see a dramatic presentation of this event this afternoon at the Provision Theatre* ( 1001 West Roosevelt Road).  

The conclusion by the moderator, Hilaire Belloc is the pay-off.

Mr. Belloc scored the only real hit in the verbal combat with his prophetic analysis of the end of the industrial age.

MR. BELLOC: I was told when I accepted this onerous office that I was to sum up. I shall do nothing of the sort. In a very few years from now this debate will be antiquated. I will now recite you a poem: "Our civilization Is built upon coal. Let us chant in rotation Our civilization That lump of damnation Without any soul, Our civilization Is built upon coal. "In a very few years, It will float upon oil. Then give three hearty cheers, In a very few years We shall mop up our tears And have done with our toil. In a very few years It will float upon oil." In I do not know how many years--five, ten, twenty--this debate will be as antiquated as crinolines are. I am surprised that neither of the two speakers pointed out that one of three things is going to happen. One of three things: not one of two. It is always one of three things. This industrial civilization which, thank God, oppresses only the small part of the world in which we are most inextricably bound up, will break down and therefore end from its monstrous wickedness, folly, ineptitude, leading to a restoration of sane, ordinary human affairs, complicated but based as a whole upon the freedom of the citizens. Or it will break down and lead to nothing but a desert. Or it will lead the mass of men to become contented slaves, with a few rich men controlling them. Take your choice. You will all be dead before any of the three things comes off. One of the three things is going to happen, or a mixture of two, or possibly a mixture of the three combined. (emphases my own)
After finally watching the Obama/Romney debate which I recorded, I re-read the above.

Mitt Romney gets what Belloc spoke about, especially his fifteen words about using clean coal as a path to relieving some of our economic burden. The day after the debate, I read where coal stocks soared on the markets.  President Barack Obama fully embraces the words of Belloc that I emphasized in dark ink.

Shaw vs. Chesterton: The Debate
Review by Lauren Whalen 
Opposites attract: the principle doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships. To quote one of my favorite sitcoms, “We’re friends. We don’t need to have anything in common.”George Bernard Shaw and GK Chesterton – two of the finest literary minds of the 20th century – had very little in common. Shaw was an atheist, socialist and vegetarian, while Chesterton was a Christian distributist who loved meat. Yet the two remained best friends who relished a stirring yet respectful debate. Based on actual exchanges between the playwright and journalist, Shaw vs. Chesterton: The Debate is an intelligent peek into the minds of two brilliant men, though the talk-heavy format may not appeal to everyone.
The play begins with Shaw (Lawrence McCauley) and Chesterton (Brad Armacost) preparing for an onstage debate, while bantering playfully and assisting moderator Belloc (Michael Downey) with his bloody nose. Throughout an intermission-less 85 minutes, Shaw and Chesterton interact with audience members, tease Belloc and embark on friendly verbal sparring: first on the topics of politics and religion, then in a “lightning round” with spectator input. But Chesterton has a secret that, when revealed, will throw Shaw for a loop and could change the friendship forever.Some elements of Shaw vs. Chesterton feel superfluous: for example, Inseung Park’s otherwise spot-on set design includes chairs bolted to the walls. Why is that necessary? Also, the play opens with Jim Poole’s video compilation of famous debates from this century and last, involving Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and Richard Nixon, among others. Because this audience is attending a play with the word “debate” in the title – and most of them have probably watched television in the past decade – they are well aware of what a debate actually entails and don’t need it spelled out for them.
And at its core, Shaw vs. Chesterton is just that: an hour-plus-long debate. Only two scenes showcase Shaw and Chesterton’s relationship outside of the back-and-forth: more human and less showy, these were my favorites, and I wanted more of the same. While the talk of property and religion is both interesting and frighteningly relevant, I wasn’t always engaged. I could appreciate the intellectual sparring, but I wanted to learn more about the men themselves and their unique friendship.
Despite a script that doesn’t always compel, the three actors have a wonderful time onstage and share this joy with the audience. Downey brings a light comic touch to his moderator role, with relatable frustration when the sparring gets slightly out of control. As Chesterton, Armacost articulates conservative beliefs with a jolly fervor and a deep respect for his opponent. And McCauley’s bombastic and hilarious Shaw radiates wit and good humor with flawless delivery of lines such as “I’m an atheist – and I thank God for it!” He wields his pocket watch like a weapon, dispelling the friendliest of fire, with brotherly love for Chesterton shining through every syllable.
As this contentious election year has proved, people find comfort in their beliefs. They also find comfort in each other. Shaw vs. Chesterton: The Debate effectively illustrates what happens when two brilliant individuals agree to disagree, chatting all the way.Timothy Gregory’s direction of two stellar actors is promising – if only his adaptation had been more engaging.,0,7546780.story

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mother Jones 2012 is Sarah Palin


The American Mothers Jones -2012/20th Century

Diane Reece of the Washington Post,  a very talented writer who did not need a pile of dough from George Soros, Bill Burton, David Plouffe, or Mother Jones magazine to rent a house next to the Palin Family, is critical of Palin but honest and fair-minded. Rather than do a standard Joan Walsh Salon bitch, Diane Reece made an honest and forthright attempt to witness the impact of Sarah Palin on a crowd of people.  Diane Reece wrote for the Washington Post -

It was the first time I’d ever seen Palin in person, and it was well worth the 19-mile drive from my suburban Kansas City home to The Berry Patch, a you-pick blueberry farm near Cleveland, Mo., population 665, in rural Cass County.
Not because I’m a fan or even agree with her ideology, but to see what all the fuss has been about.

There has been fuss aplenty!  I believe that I am the only member of my vast family who admires Sarah Palin.  The very pious, elegant and well-spoken woman who deigns to be seen in public with me is put off by Gov. Palin's rhetorical choices and her God-given voice.  Coming from a blue-collar Irish Catholic family where Party loyalty equals Union (Real Labor) fidelity Ms. Palin's own Family Labor background gets lost in translation by my dear tribe, as well as the American Progressive Smart-Set.  The same family members, my Mom most loudly, who hold that Ms. Palin must be "nuts" are not in the least put off by Nancy Pelosi's ghost whispering. Second to the mental health canards, comes the Celtic charge of being a "total phony!"  Could be.  It's lost on me.

I like and admire Sarah Palin.  She can lead.  President Obama, in the words of Hockey Dad and Chicago's own Bobby Hull, "couldn't lead a dog out of a thunderstorm with a T-bone steak." The man can baffle with soaring bullshit, I'll give him that . . .not that he writes any of it.

 I'd follow Sarah Palin into a Jenny Craig Program; I would not follow President Obama into Old Country Buffet.

I understand that some people might be put-off by fashion, couture, and un-filtered plain-speak.  Ms. Diane Reece is first mainstream journalist to make those objections personal and not universally dogmatic:

When Palin took to the makeshift stage in the middle of a Missouri farm field, she was dressed more for the part of Hollywood celebrity than serious politician. I know someone’s going to remind me that just last week, I said it was sexist to focus on the wardrobes of women in politics.
But it was hard for me to take Palin seriously dressed as she was. Super Palin
First, her shoes: Five-inch wedges. Her black capris weren’t quite skin-tight but tight enough, and her t-shirt with its Superman logo (a Steelman campaign shirt emblazoned with “Our freedom. Our fight.”) emphasized her figure. She never once removed her oversized sunglasses.
I’m sorry, but I’d like my minister, my doctor and yes, my politicians, to look and dress for their parts.
Once Palin spoke, I couldn’t help but think she sometimes sounds like a caricature of herself. Perhaps it’s her unique manner of speaking or her overuse of certain phrases.
There were moments during her 15-minute speech that I felt like applauding and there were certainly moments that I groaned.

I do know that Sarah Palin scares the marrow out of people that I would not particularly care to spend any amount of time with, much less value their opinions -MSNBC's entire Clown Opera, Il. Gov. Pat Quinn, The jerks John McCain hired in 2008,  The Second Wave Feminist Dowagers of the Abortion Industry, David " Crisp Britches" Brooks,  or Martini Mo Dowd.  Most of all the editors and contributors of Mother Jones Magazine have worked over-time to defraud American history and be-smeer the name of Mary Harris Jones, who was the Sarah Palin of the last century.

Mary Harris "Mother" Jones is an Irish Catholic woman, who lived a life that not only bridged America's Industrial Revolution to the Rise of American Labor, but defended the traditional family, unborn children and children forced into work, women torn from the hearth and most of all "Her Boys!"  Mother Jones was tough old broad who had watched her working man husband and children die of fever, the business that she built with her two skilled hands burn in the Chicago Fire, and working men struggle for wages, reasonable working hours and conditions, as well as basic human dignity, and labor, politcal, social welfare frauds work against them.

Mother Jones was a  force of nature. Mary Harris Jones was tough and very happy  little widow. The Press, the Governors and frauds hated her.

Mother Jones magazine performed post-mortem hysterical castration on the historical Mary Harris Jones, denuding her memory of her Catholic Faith and identity, as well as her counter-Marxist methodologies.Mother Jones was no Emma Goldman, no Jane Addams, no Margret Sanger; Mary Harris Jones was an honest woman who never cashed in on her celebrity and never played ball with the radical phonies. She was no atheist.  Mother Jones made war on phonies, weaklings, cowards, Prohibitionists, and do-gooder frauds, as well as capitalists. John L. Lewis made her sick to her stomach.  Big Bill Haywood she considered a pawn to booze and Bolsheviks.  Dowager abortionists?  Forget about it.

Sarah Palin is the clearest image of Mother Jones.  She is happy, honest, courageous and not a good fit for MSNBC. - Mother Jones would have turned Rachel Maddow into quivering  belaboring curds of word-whey.

At the end of her article, Ms. Reece wondered if the SuperMan T-shirt, 5" Heel Wedgied Mother Jones would would help steer a Missouri Hawkey Mawm to the Senate Race.   Nope. Like Mother Jones herself, sometimes your are the Grizzly and sometimes just a hard working Mom.

Mary Harris Mother Jones -“Goodbye, boys; I’m under arrest. I may have to go to jail. I may not see you for a long time. Keep up the fight! Don’t surrender! Pay no attention to the injunction machine at Parkersburg. The Federal judge is a scab anyhow. While you starve he plays golf. While you serve humanity, he serves injunctions for the money powers.”

Governor Sarah Palin-“It’s unbelievable to me that you spent last week in campaign mode, gallivanting around the country to start raising the billion dollars for your reelection bid that is still 19 months away ‘while Rome burns.’ . . . As was recently asked: When do you ever just ‘roll up your sleeves, unplug the teleprompter’ and do the job of governing and administrating for which voters hired you? I know, I know, granted you will be even busier very soon. After all, golf season kicks into high gear shortly. NBA and NHL brackets await.”